Give thanks, help others

As we’re all preparing for our Thanksgiving meal, don’t forget that there are lots of folks in need, too.

The Freestore Foodbank, the largest food bank in the area, is in the midst of its Thanksgiving distribution. Families wait in line for a protein and a bag of groceries to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal. They do it for three days– day one helped 2300 families, day two helped 2900 families and day three is still happening. That’s almost 200,000 pounds of food so far. With the economic downturn, the need is even greater– and not all of these folks are from the inner city; they could be your suburban neighbors, too (about 50% of those they help do not live in the city). Unfortunately, there are hungry people throughout our region.

So, while your turkey is brining and your cranberries are jelling, take a minute and send a gift to the Freestore Foodbank. It’s not a contest, no one is keeping track, it’s just a good thing to do at a time of the year when we are giving thanks for what we have.

You can also make donations throughout the holiday season at Kroger and other areas around town.  Just look for the round bins.

If, by chance, you’re reading this and you’re in need, distributions continue today through 4 PM.