Friday Five: Thanksgiving Edition!

ThanksgivingIsn’t there always a “must have” list for the Thanksgiving table? What is the stuff at your house that you have to have, or it’s just not Thanksgiving? Here’s the list for our house… what’s yours?

1. Turkey. This turkey is smoked (by Terry) but we experiment with the rubs every year.

2. Dressing. We actually make two kinds of dressing every year. Terry makes his mom’s chicken dressing (I’ll try to get him to provide the recipe next Monday!) and I do one made out of crusty bread. The difference? His dressing has no sage, and I insist on it in mine. So, we have two pans of dressing.

3. “Green Thing”. This is one of those Southern traditions involving jello, nuts, and cream cheese. It’s one of those things that reminds Terry of his childhood holidays. Me, I think it’s far better straight out of the refrigerator with a spoon the next day!  You can find the recipe in my Thanksgiving post from two years ago.

4. Sweet Potatoes.  I like a casserole, but I’m considering switching things up this year.  I am open to sweet potato suggestions.

5. Friends.  Terry and I don’t do the run-to-our-family-Thanksgiving thing, we have a bunch of folks over to enjoy the company of friends, new and old.

What’s tops on your Thanksgiving list?