Cincinnati’s Senate to appear in Everyday with Rachael Ray

Wow! After only 9 months of business, Senate will be featured as one of the top hot dog restaurants in the country (one of only 4 in the midwest). According to the folks at Senate, the  issue will be out in March.  Says Dan Wright: “We are completely humbled and honored and cannot wait to read the March issue, we hope you will too. Thank you to everyone who loves and supports our little restaurant.”

Pretty cool– I’ll be sure to grab a copy once it comes out. We’ve had a bunch of Food Network interest (and restaurants featured in Gourmet just before it shut down)  in the past few months– are we coming into our own as a modern food city?

9 thoughts on “Cincinnati’s Senate to appear in Everyday with Rachael Ray”

  • Only 4 in the midwest. Are you sure about that? There’s one up in Montgomery/Mason/Loveland or whatever you call that area called “Hot Doggin’ it”.

    • Yes, I’m absolutely sure only four from the midwest were nominated, out of the sixteen. I’ve been to Hot Doggin’ It and they were not nominated, as far as I know.

  • “are we coming into our own as a modern food city?”

    It would be best, and correct, to answer ‘No.’ And it would be even better not to measure the status based on attention from RR and Guy Doucheiri.

    But we’re headed in the right direction! More innovation and less (or at least quicker) trend following would be great.

    • Agreed on both counts. I don’t think that RR and Guy are arbiters of taste, but it is nice that the people they hire– and let’s face it, Guy and RR didn’t pick these restaurants out themselves– have started to notice that there’s some good food going on in this town.

  • I have had better hot dogs at golf courses. $9 for tiny hot dog one piece of cheese and 1 srip of bacon on a roll that was twice the size of all the ingeredients combined. You could make it at home probably even better. Quite the rip off, pretentious place trying to be upscale but basically overcharging you for average food.

  • I have been there a few times and so very happy every time! We order a variety of thing to share. So far, all dogs have been good but the mussels with the delicious sauce, with the crusty bread for dipping is fantastic and the Poutine is sinful and oh soo good! Potsticker were delish as well. Burgers are huge! There is so much more than dogs to enjoy and the waiters work as a team so you never want for anything! Congrats to Dan Wright for his awesome restaurant!

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