Yoga for Foodies This Weekend

I love food, but if you’ve read wmdm for more than, oh, 30 seconds, you know this.

I also am learning to love exercise and moderation– can’t have pork belly and truffle fries every day, can you?  One of the things I love to do for exercise is yoga, so when the folks at YogahOMe told me about this class series, I was seriously disappointed that I couldn’t attend– but had to share it with you folks!

David Romanelli, who’s been featured in the New York Times for his Yoga for Foodies classes, will be at YogahOMe in Bellevue, Symmes and Oakley for three sessions this weekend.  The first is Yoga and Wine, where Romanelli will talk about savoring life (whether it’s chocolate or yoga).  It’s 7-9 PM on Friday at YogahOMe Symmes, and $55 per person.

The second session, on Saturday at YogahOMe Oakley, will be a two hour yoga session that features Vosges chocolate.  Sign me up.  $55 per person.

The third session, on Sunday at YogahOMe Bellevue, also involves Vosges chocolate and stretching.  $55 per person.

If you’re interested (I wish I could go!), head to YogahOMe’s site.