Mini-Review: Skirtz and Johnston’s Goetta-Apricot Danish

DSC_0154I admit that when Katy told me about this danish, I had some reservations.  Goetta? Danish?  Then I thought about all of the savory-sweet applications for bacon (Vosges bacon bars, bacon brittle, Dojo’s Porkopolis gelato) and realized that a goetta danish was simply Cincinnati’s answer to the bacon sweets craze.

The Boyf… Fiancé  (that’ll take some getting used to) made a run to Findlay Market for our Saturday waffles, and brought back the danish as well.  The danish is a layer of puff pastry, then cream cheese, then a layer of Apricot preserves, topped with a strip of goetta and some cinnamon crumble topping.  The goetta, from Eckerlin, I believe, is just a little spicy, which really cuts the sweetness of the rest of the pastry, which could be cloying if it weren’t for the goetta.  It’s probably a heart attack in puff pastry, but what a way to go.  At $2.50, it’s worth every penny (though I do recommend popping it into the oven or microwave to warm it up a bit).

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