I left my heart in San Francisco….

I spent part of last week in San Francisco for work. I did, however, end up a few interesting places after hours.

  • Boulevard, which is near the Ferry House off of Market, was recommended by my coworker John, who is pretty much batting 1.000 as far as restaurants go (he recommended D. Rodriguez Cuba while we were in Miami). The building is decorated in a French style reminiscent of the old Metropolitain stops, and has a great vibe and good service. We had some really nice cocktails (it’s hard to find a bad one in SF, I’ve found) and dined on foie gras (John and my other coworker, Pam had never had it) prepared with plums and lobster salad to start, and I got seabass, which was so pretty that John encouraged me to take a picture ( I normally don’t at work dinners).
  • Bourbon and Branch is one of the more famous cocktail bars in the country. There’s no sign, no pictures, no cell phones, but amazing drinks and service. You can order from the menu (I ordered a Stiletto from the menu; Pam loved her Bitter End; I have no idea what John got but he liked it.) Later, I ordered a Martinez (with Vya vermouth) and the very helpful, interesting bartender gave me a taste of a Laphroaig Project, which involves Laphroaig Scotch, Chartreuse and Maraschino. It’s a must-visit, if you’re into cocktails. Just don’t order a Cosmo (it’s prohibited). Please eat beforehand, as the cocktails pack a punch even on a full stomach, and they don’t serve any food.
  • Rickhouse is the sister bar to Bourbon and Branch, and is far more laid back. I saw more people drinking beer and wine than cocktails. I picked up their Rye Maple Fizz, which was nice, if light on the maple. I didn’t feel quite as at home at Rickhouse, and soon left for my red-eye home.

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