Good Eats in New York

Another week, another business trip. Last week’s trip was to New York, and of course, I had some great things to eat.

  • La Fonda del Sol, where Travis Maier now works, is an excellent choice for Spanish food, located near Grand Central Station.  Chef Josh de Chellis cooked for our table, and it was fantastic. Highlights were a stuffed squid dish served on a formerly-flaming piece of wine barrel (from a local winery), a delicious soup reminiscent of boulliabasse, and some lovely terrines.  Everything was great, and it was a lot of fun to see Travis again.  Chef brought out (with Travis’ encouragement) this cool, new little toy that I have to get my hands on– the iSi Twist ‘n’ Sparkle, which is a very small carbonator.  They have one of the first units available, and had been playing with it both in the kitchen and at the bar.  I must have one!
  • Walking up Broadway on Saturday, I had an awesome S’Mores cupcake from CupcakeStop, a cupcake truck we found on Broadway.  Good proportion of frosting to cupcake, and a little marshmallow fluff.  Delicious.  They were recently featured on Food Network’s Food Feuds (as in, Tuesday, a few days after I had the cupcake).
  • A few blocks later, we had a mozzarepa.  Meh.  Frozen.
  • Most of my lunches and breakfasts were either unremarkable (the latter) or unbloggable (protein bars + starbucks for breakfast), but I did have one standout lunch.  I was working the booth, and one of my coworkers came back from lunch to let me go.  I wanted to go somewhere outside of the hotel, so he suggested Junior’s, where he had just had lunch.  Excellent choice.  Good deli, and if you eat at the bar, great entertainment from Mr. Gus, who is a Central Casting “lovable New Yorker”.  Try the pastrami and the pickled beets.
  • Sea Grill, where a group of us entertained an author, has a beautiful view of the Rockefeller Center ice rink (I imagine it would be gorgeous at Christmas), and some of the best seafood I’ve had in a while.  I really loved the key lime pie with Angostura syrup (!) for dessert, and the beet salad (I’m on a beet kick).  If you’re lucky, you’ll see the same guy we did on the ice rink, who was doing some pretty killer Michael Jackson moves and flirting with ladies near the window.
  • Heartland Brewery has some great craft beer, and a couple of craft beer cocktails!  I tried the Jack O’ Lantern, which was pumpkin ale and hard cider.  They also had their last keg of Apricot Ale, which was not-too-sweet and not-too-apricot-y.  Oh, if they only sold their beer outside of their restaurant…

And totally not restaurant-related, I managed to catch Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, which was so good that I purchased the soundtrack on iTunes as I left the theater.  It pretty much skewers, well, everyone, not matter what your political persuasion.

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