Mayberry/World Food Bar Owner to open Urban Grocery Store

As a bunch of local Twitter folks were discussing urban grocery stores on Twitter yesterday, The Enquirer ran a development blog post discussing the opening of a new urban grocery store in the Central Business District. This store, called Mayberry Foodstuffs according to the Business Courier, will be open til 10 PM  7 days a week, and carry a wide array of grocery items, including basics like milk and eggs and some deli items you might also find at Findlay Market.  It’ll be located at 7th and Main, within walking distance of  built-in audiences like students at Antonelli College and the new condos cropping up on Walnut, and also convenient for other urban core dwellers.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about this.   Truth be told, I love Findlay Market, but its hours are not conducive to shopping if you work a 9-5 job.  Though it is open from 9-6 Tuesdays-Friday, I’ve found that many of the vendors are closing up shop well before the 6 PM close, which means that if I (and others, if you read the twitter stream #urbangrocery) rush from work to get to Findlay, we can often find the shops we need to visit closed, which is frustrating and doesn’t make me what to continue to shop there.  Of course, I can shop there on Saturdays and Sundays, but I prefer to not lug home a week’s worth of groceries; I like to purchase my food as I need it.

Sure, we have the Kroger on Vine, though the Kroger Corporation hasn’t quite realized that there is a growing population literally right outside its world headquarters.  Its selection is limited, as well as their hours, and is really more of a glorified convenience store that carries some vegetables and fruit.  Other grocery chains that have urban stores in other cities, like Whole Foods, haven’t invested since there are only about 9,000 people living in the CBD/OTR area.  Both Cianciolo’s and Avril-Bleh carry a limited amount of groceries, but are closed by 5 PM on weekdays.  I’m so glad that a local businessperson is taking a risk– and plan on making his store a regular stop in my errands.

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  • This is great news!

    Just also had to add– people seem to always be just considering OTR/CBD in the success of such ventures, but West End has no real grocer at all. I also think it’s reasonable for a downtown store to consider traffic from Pendleton, Queensgate, and some Mt. Adams/ Mt. Auburn/ Walnut Hills folk that are closer to CBD than their neighborhood stores too.

    • That’s a very good point. Pendleton and Mt. Adams in particular have little in choice in grocery store either. I see a lot of folks I know from both neighborhoods at the Newport Kroger. Is there anywhere to get groceries in the West End, aside from Findlay?

      • Nope. Minus a few poorly stocked convenience stores, the West End has no place at all to get groceries. That’s, say, 8,000 people or so. Some shop at Findlay, but I think most drive to one of several Kroger stores.

  • I agree this this is good news, and will definitely try it out. I always tell my friends and family that they would be amazed at how much ‘grocery shopping’ you can do at the Walgreens on 6th and Race. I just wish that a true grocery store with the pricing benefits of a bulk-buying major chain (like Kroger, Meijer, or whoever is up for the challenge) – would test the waters here in a small footprint urban store too. I’m sure the margins and logistics on fresh foods and produce are painful…but so is doing most of your grocery shopping at Walgreens. 🙂

  • I wish them success and I will be a customer but I have doubts about the size of the after-7pm customer base.

    On a more irrelevant note, I think I might know commenter Patricia above… did you work in West End for a while??

  • Julie, I work for Kroger, and I can tell you that the OTR Kroger hasn’t made money in a very long time; the company keeps it open because of the obligation it feels to the community (and the PR fallout would be pretty horrific).

    The best way for newer OTR/downtown residents to get a better Kroger? Go to the OTR Kroger and buy the products you like that you can find. Talk to the manager when you can’t find what you like. If there’s a bunch of customers in asking for better products it would be noticed.

    Also: yay Josh Campbell! He’s a lovely guy and it’s entrepreneurs like him that are going to make downtown/the basin vibrant again!

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