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Mayberry Foodstuffs to deliver, partner with Findlay Market

I sat down last Friday with Josh Campbell from Mayberry, and he had a few tidbits about the new Mayberry Foodstuffs store on Main Street.

I asked Campbell why he wanted to open a grocery store downtown. As a resident, I know it’s a need, but I also know that CBD/OTR isn’t quite at critical mass to support a grocery store. He said “I needed a place that my sous chef [who doesn’t drive and lives downtown] can shop, plus, everyone else has been asking.” He is financing the operation himself, and has no partners in the venture.

There are already stores with groceries in the CBD and Over the Rhine, including Findlay Market, which Campbell says he wants to complement, not compete with. To that note, there is one thing that Mayberry Foodstuffs will offer that others do not: delivery. Campbell has partnered with Findlay Market vendors, including Colonel de Ray, Eckerlin Meats, Heist Fish and Poultry, Kroeger Meats and Dojo Gelato to offer delivery on Wednesday and Friday to businesses and households in the CBD and Over the Rhine. Customers can phone in an order or place an order online and get selected items from those vendors as well as Mayberry Foodstuffs delivered to their door.

Selection in the store will vary, and will be based on customer feedback. They’ll carry pre-prepared food, staples like milk from Trauth Dairy, cat and dog food, toilet paper, beer and wine. The store will be run by Campbell’s wife, Angie, who currently runs front-of-house at Mayberry.