Graeter’s Ice Cream in NYTimes

Graeter’s is sure getting a lot of press these days, what with Food Wars coming to Cincinnati today to do Graeter’s vs. Aglamesis, and now a profile on Graeter’s expansion outside of Cincinnati (as well as their new, state-of-the-art production facility) in the New York Times yesterday. Their big exposure was, of course, Oprah in 2002, but other celebrities, like Katie Joel, Ben of Ben and Jerry’s (really!) and publications like Saveur and Forbes have rated it tops.

I admit, Aglamesis is my overall favorite, but Graeter’s is something special.  I love Cincinnati’s ice cream parlor culture (something that is no longer present in most cities) and am glad to see it promoted.  Soda fountains– originally found in drugstores– are connected with the origins of cocktails, too!    Graeter’s and Aglamesis are some of the few places you can still found old-fashioned treats like phosphates and nectar sodas.

What’s your favorite?  Graeter’s or Aglamesis?  And what’s your favorite flavor?  (I love pineapple sorbet from Aglamesis, and Apple Cider Sorbet from Graeter’s, personally.)

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  • Personally, I love Schneider’s in Bellevue. Strawberry is fabulous. And the no-sugar-added Double Chocolate Fudge is so could, you could swear it was the fully loaded stuff.

  • Irrelevant? I’m a near-obsessive online boy, but I would hardly be so brash – or inaccurate – to say that the Times is irrelevant. Printed news is circling the drain. But notice that this posting doesn’t tell you to go out and buy the dead-tree version of the Times. NYT still has massive clout. Not with you, perhaps. But in the real world, it sways lots and lots of opinions. Maybe even a few ice-cream eaters.

  • It wasn’t actually Travel Channel’s Food Wars that came to shoot on Sunday. It was a new show for the Food Network hosted by Michael Symon called “Food Feud”. He taped at the Hyde Park Graeter’s during the afternoon and then was going to shoot at the Reading Rd. commissary. I’m not sure when he shot the Aglamesis footage. (I was fortunate to meet him while he was taping – real nice guy, and loves representing the great state of Ohio!)

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