Why is there so little delivery in Cincinnati?

The Cincinnati metropolitan area has a population of over 2 million people. It’s the largest metro area in Ohio, and ranks #24 in the US.

With so many people, why the heck can’t I get Indian delivered to me on a Friday night?

I was working at home, late on a Friday night, and really wanted Indian food. I can get food delivered to me: two different Chinese restaurants and three pizza places (theoretically) deliver to my place.  But that’s it.  In other cities– most larger, and many smaller, I can get other cuisines delivered as well.  I only have Chinese delivery because of my proximity to Clifton, and in most of the other neighborhoods I’ve lived in, pizza was the limit of delivery.

So, this is isn’t a discussion about why people won’t deliver to MY neighborhood.  I get it, it’s up and coming, and a lot of delivery drivers have had bad experiences.  However, why is it that barely anywhere in Cincinnati can you get non-pizza delivery?  You would think that one of the Indian restaurants or Thai restaurants in Clifton would deliver, or that Hyde Park would have a crazy amount of Thai delivery.  A quick google search leads me to a Metromix page that references Indian delivery, but none of the restaurants actually appear to deliver.


So, what delivers in your neighborhood? And what kind of food would you like to see delivered?