Travis Maier no longer at Aroma

Chef Travis Maier is no longer at Aroma; his last day was yesterday. Aroma’s management staff is putting their focus completely on sushi– no other choices. The reason given was no budget to keep Travis and to keep the non-sushi menu.

This doesn’t bode well for the only non-chain, sit-down restaurant in Kenwood Towne Center. I am, however, looking forward to seeing where Travis lands next (though he told me he’s taking a much-needed vacation before he starts anything else).

This will be the second change of direction for Aroma since Chef Romy Jung’s departure in May.

13 thoughts on “Travis Maier no longer at Aroma”

  • I agree, Aroma is a terrible name ….. Any word associated with smell is not want you want to call your sushi restaurant.

  • Shouldn’t they actually make their sushi actually GOOD before they worry about changing direction to a sushi only place. Plus isn’t there already suppose to be a sushi place going in Kenwood Town Center?

    This place has never had a clear concept or direction so I’m not entirely surprised. But throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks is not a business plan for longevity.

  • “Second change of direction” and the last….don’t make reservations or plans to eat here because the door may be closed tomorrow!! Travis was the only hope this restaurant had. If there isn’t a budget for a chef then there isn’t a budget for quality food products. The service at Aroma has been lacking since day 1 – this place will not be missed.

  • We just went there FOR the sushi, a great roll they had this summer with green apples. They took the one roll off the menu and the other choices are not unique. I know of three different people who won’t be going back b/c of the menu changes and limited options.

  • I live down the street and we tried it a couple times but with Trio and Embers right there, no reason for us to go back. I agree about not having a clear concept from the beginning and too limited of a menu.

  • The owner of Aroma has “made his fortune” operating those annoying kiosks in the mall. No surprise that this guy is in over his head.

  • This restaurant can’t go out of business fast enough. Great location for people watching (Nordstrom staff and customers!) Will a smart, experienced restaurant person please take over this place?

  • Had lunch there the other day because of the half price sushi, which was okay. I did like the pho. It wasn’t what you would call crowded, or even half full. Okay, my friend and I were half the people in the place other than the large number of wait staff.

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