Summer is the Season for Sex

Julie explicitly told me not to talk about sex.

“… Try not to curse or talk about sex (too much),” she said.

Well, what’s a single girl supposed to write about?

How about discussing sex as it relates to food? That’s probably something we can all chew on, right?

As it turns out, the hot and steamy season of summer offers a bumper crop of food to get you in the mood. Sure, we’ve all heard about the amorous implications of oysters (note: it’s a myth that oysters are only good during the months with the letter “r” in them; it just so happens the months of May, June, July and August are also the warmest months and most prone to spoiling), but what about asparagus, basil and avocados?

Forget Viagra. Your favorite Findlay Market farmer may just have what the doctor ordered to turn things up in the bedroom.

First – asparagus. Yes, those gorgeous green stalks are chock full of vitamins. What you probably don’t know is they’re full of folic acid and help produce histamine, a necessary ingredient for men and women to reach orgasm.

You need to look no further than your container garden to find amore. Not only do basil leaves add some zest to your favorite pasta dish, the herb is said to have a warming effect and improve circulation. Think about *that* next time you savor some caprese salad.

Add chili peppers to your aphrodisiac shopping list. Those fiery little buggers have a way of cranking up your body heat and heart rate – just the thing you need when your engine is ready to go.

Back when Nigella Lawson’s “Nigella Bites” program used to run, the renowned British culinary queen ran the most sensuous segment on guacamole. Nigella lovingly diced neon green avocados and blended them with a variety of ingredients. She then proceeded to simultaneously dig in to her dip – and smear it all over her face.

I kid you not.

Nigella must have been on to something, though. As it turns out, avocados are a powerhouse full of mono-saturated fats – and those are the fats that improve your mood and boost blood flow.

For dessert, you need to look no further than the strawberry. Those juicy, jewel toned berries also great for cranking up circulation where and when it counts.

So next time you’re looking to call on Cupid, you need to look no further than the produce aisle. One word of advice, though: forget about thumping any melons. That just looks desperate.

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Kate blogs about surviving life as a single girl in Cincinnati at her own blog, Kate’s Random Musings. She is a casual foodie and very proud of the cookbook she published for the Junior League of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Seasoned. You’re invited to A Taste of the Fall Season, a party celebrating the cookbook on Thursday, September 16 at 7 pm at Columbia Center, 3500 Columbia Parkway.