Restaurant News: Shake-Ups at Chalk, Lavo, Summit

The Relish Group is selling Chalk to Executive Chef Mark Bodenstein, and is also selling Lavomatic to an unknown (at the time of publishing) buyer. Calls to the Relish Group have not been returned. A call to Mark Bodenstein garnered this:

“We are almost finished with the process. The restaurant will be owned primarily by two local farms and employees. We’ll be the first restaurant in town to do this, and we hope to be up and running independently in a couple of months.” Bodenstein will be the face of the restaurant, but will be on payroll like the rest of the employees. I don’t know that we have a cooperative-style restaurant here, but it sounds like a really interesting plan that fits with Bodenstein’s emphasis on local sourcing.

The Summit at the Midwest Culinary Institute’s Chef Matt Winterrowd will no longer be Executive Chef as of the end of September, which was confirmed by an MCI source.  He is planning on opening a restaurant of his own sometime in the near future.

Good luck to Chefs Winterrowd and Bodenstein.  This leaves The Relish Group with their catering service, Savor; as well as The Bistro, which reopens later this month, Local 127 and Greenup Cafe, which is also under new management.  I am hoping that with a smaller portfolio of restaurants, The Bistro and Greenup Cafe’s experiences can be raisedto match the flagship Local 127.

Thanks to Chef X for the tips.