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Nicholson’s and the Pub at Rookwood Mews Closed for Renovation

…though I’m a bit suspicious. A tipster sent me an email stating that they had heard that Nicholson’s, the Pub and DeSha’s were all closing. I took a few minutes to call around and see what was up. I was just at the Pub on Wednesday, and there was no notice that they would be renovating. Nicholson’s, when I called another Tavern Group restaurant, “is closed for the evening”– which is very different than what the Tavern Group’s PR contact told me when I called, which was “They’re closed indefinitely for renovations”. Generally, when a restaurant renovates, they give a bit of notice– and an end date. That is, of course, if they have no intention of reopening. Both Nicholson’s and the Pub are favorites of mine (and a lot of other people I know) for their fish and chips and beer and Scotch selection. I’d be sad if they were to close. DeSha’s as well as the Pub in Lexington and Crestview Hills remain open.

ETA: Just got contact from Nancy Parrott at the Tavern Group, and she’s preparing a statement that will be released shortly. I’ll keep you updated.

The restaurants closed due to a problem with their Ohio state liquor licenses. Both will get new menus and a new look while they work out the issue.

Here’s the text of the press release:

Nicholson’s and The Pub At Rookwood Mews are closing for renovations while resolving issues that impact the liquor license for each establishment.  At this time the state has not renewed the license for each restaurant due to an error that was made in filing necessary paperwork with the state of Ohio’s Division of Liquor Control.  Nicholson’s will be remain open for lunch only Monday-Friday 11am-3pm.

“We expect that we can come to a quick resolution with the State of Ohio and will use this time to move forward with planned renovations at each restaurant,” says Nick Sanders, Owner.  “Our intention was to provide adequate notice to our staff and customers regarding the renovation schedule, but unfortunately the procedural issues involved with our renewal are now dictating the timeline. I apologize for the last minute notice. We are making every effort to ensure that our employees will not be burdened financially during this time and I am grateful for their support and loyalty.”

Nicholson’s is scheduled to begin renovations on Monday, August 30th.  Inspired by the new look and feel of Walnut Street, the building will be updated with a fresh, modern appearance. The centerpiece of the renovation will be a Nana wall that will open the front walls of the building to the outside, blending the inside with the out.  In addition to cleaning and repairs, The Pub At Rookwood Mews will be completely repainted inside. We are working towards an exciting addition to the Pub and hope to announce more details soon. Nicholson’s and The Pub were also scheduled to introduce new menus in September and will proceed as planned upon re-opening.

Our staff is working to contact guests with dinner or private party reservations.  Customers with questions or concerns can call

Nicholson’s at 513-564-9111 or The Pub at 513-841-2748 between the hours of 11am or 3pm.