Cocktail Hour, Bartini’s, Jean-Robert’s Table, Kroeger and Sons

  • Cocktail Hour is the Brooklyn Buck and Moscow Mule, found over at booze me, schmooze me.
  • Speaking of cocktails, I went to the grand opening of Bartini’s last night.  Seems like a nice bar– very well appointed, and the outdoor section is awesome– but it feels like a bigger Mynt.  The drinks I had weren’t bad (my Manhattan was pretty good, probably because their vermouth was less than two weeks old! Their top shelf bourbon is Maker’s Mark, which I like, but I don’t consider it top shelf.  Michelle had a Bellini, which wasn’t bad (though the champagne wasn’t high quality), and there was one drink that involved neon-blue Curacao that was almost undrinkable, but it also came off of an ice luge, so I don’t expect expert mixology) but I’ll have to try again– probably for happy hour.
  • Afterward, I discovered the best table at Jean-Robert’s Table.  It’s a little one in the corner near the bar, just a two-top, and from there you can people-watch on the street and in the restaurant.  Oh, and the burger and fries I got were delicious– perfectly cooked, juicy, well-seasoned.   I’ll definitely be back for a full meal, but I figured you folks would appreciate a preview. The burger was apparently quite good as leftovers (as I ate half and brought the rest home).  The burger, for the record, if a bit blurry:
  • Kroeger and Sons is the featured Groupon for today.   $10 for $20 worth of their awesome product.  I bought one (there is definitely some chicken sausage in my future)– pick one up, too.  It’s a great value.
  • Have you tried the dolmades available at Kroger’s olive bar/Murray’s Cheese Shop?   They’re really delicious, made fresh several times daily, and pretty healthy.  I’ve been obsessed with them and with olives all week.  I love the olive bar– it was the basis of Terry’s birthday party on Sunday, between the dolmades and olives and a few other things.  Plus, it’s the least expensive way to get sun-dried tomatoes at the grocery store (which are my favorite form of tomato).

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