Wine Me… and wine me a little more

eddie merlot wine list
Eddie Merlot's wine tasting list (click to enlarge)

Hi everyone! I’m Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic! Julie asked me to guest blog today, so I’ve been mulling over all the possible things I could talk about here.

It’s called Wine Me Dine Me, so that definitely narrowed it down. And while I love to eat, my most common meal is a granola bar running out the door, so I decided I probably shouldn’t even attempt to write about food.

But the “wine me” part, I’m really, really good at. I get to do a lot of happy hours and schmoozing over cocktails for my job, so I decided to write about that. And, conveniently, Cincy Chic just happens to have two wine tasting events coming up in the near future that I can tell you about!

One is tonight from 6-9pm at Eddie Merlot’s and it’s featuring several really great wines, selected by their in-house sommelier. Wine tasting will be $15 for two reds and two whites. Click here for all the details on the wines that will be featured tonight. I’ve only been to Eddie Merlot’s twice before, and every time I’ve been hugely impressed. Their wines are to die for. And so are their apps, like Ahi Tuna Wontons, Crab Cakes, Sesame Calamari. mmmm…

I’ve actually never managed to ever get past the appetizer portion of their menu, to tell you the truth! I’ve just ended up getting a bunch of the apps and splitting them up between the group like tapas. So, tonight’s goal is to get a big girl meal and not just nosh on apps all night. We’ll see how that goes.

If you can’t make tonight’s wine tasting, we have another one coming up next month. This one will be at an actual winery – Meier’s Wine Cellars in Silverton. We haven’t announced this event publicly yet, so I can’t link anywhere for more info yet. I inserted the flyer for the event below.

I absolutely adore Meier’s. It’s tucked away in an unsuspecting part of town. But the people there are so incredibly nice and I think they have the most inexpensive wine on the face of the earth (I haven’t done my research on this, but I’m pretty sure).

That event will be on Aug. 25 from 6-9 and you’ll get to taste five wines for $10. All the other event details are below. I hope you can come out and “Wine Me” with me! : )
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