Cocktail Hour: Tales of the Cocktail, and an announcement!

We just got back from Tales of the Cocktail, and boy, is my liver tired.

It’s not that we were drinking to excess– it’s that we started off trying things in the morning, and all through the evening!

I’ll be writing more about some events and products in particular soon, but a few highlights:

  • Cat Daddy, a moonshine (no, really)  product out of North Carolina, was my #2 favorite find of the weekend.  It’s super-smooth, with lots of vanilla, cinnamon, and clove– it’s based off of an apple pie moonshine recipe, but apparently contains none of the apple pie flavors you taste.  I’ll be posting some cocktail ideas to use with it, but it’s equally nice mixed with coffee and cream or to sip on the rocks.  It retails for $20 and is available in Kentucky (I’m not sure about Ohio).
  • Esprit de June Liqueur— this is both Terry’s and my favorite spirit of the trip.  It’s made with a neutral alcohol derived from grapes, and is flavored with flowers from the grape vines, so it’s the only liqueur made entirely with grape products.  It’s as low as it can go, sugar-wise, to be a liqueur, so it isn’t overly sweet.  It’s a little floral, a little sweet, with hints of strawberries.  I kept gushing that it was “pretty”– it really is.  Excellent on the rocks, in a margarita (in place of triple sec), and in some other cocktails I’ll share with you later. It will be available in Ohio and Kentucky in September.
  • I am now desperate to go to Singapore just to go to The Tippling Club, which pairs food and cocktails with a touch of molecular gastronomy.  We attended the most spectacular demonstration of the entire trip that featured their bartender and chef, and how they pair food with cocktails.  This will get its own post, but all I have to say is: foie gras apple pie.  You’re welcome.
  • I can’t WAIT to go back next year.

I also have a little announcement– based on my reader survey (thank you, by the way, for filling it out– I got some amazing constructive criticism and plan on implementing several of your ideas into my blog), some of you really like Cocktail Hour, and a lot of you either a) don’t care or b) want it to go away.


I’m starting another blog– booze me, schmooze me— which will focus on cocktails and spirit recipes and reviews.

Don’t worry:

  • Posting on wmdm won’t slow down!  I’m instituting an editorial calendar, so you can always expect reviews on Mondays and Wednesdays, Cocktails on Fridays, and in between restaurant news and “bonus” reviews.
  • Cocktail Hour will stay on wmdm, but you’ll only get it once a week, and it’ll be a link to booze me, schmooze me— so those of you who like it can read it, but it can be easily ignored by those of you who aren’t interested.

So there you go!  Best of both worlds.  Food reviews and Cincinnati dining news here, cocktails and spirits there.

Again, thanks so much for participating in my reader survey.  Other things I’ll be implementing– and things I won’t be changing– will be announced next week.