Cocktail Hour: Mad Men

I don’t watch a ton of TV. When I do, I tend to like dramas. I love Big Love, The Tudors (and am looking forward to The Borgias), and Dexter. But my favorite show of the past ten years?

Mad Men.

What’ s not to like?  There’s intrigue, romance, sex, comedy and… cocktails.

If I drank like they did, I’d probably be unconscious.

So I’ve been Betty Draper for Halloween (complete with a pill bottle and an apron), I obsessively read Mad Men blogs, bought a poster with the iconic Mad Men glass (I own a real, live version) and may be currently the butt of Terry’s jokes since I bought a Mad Men Joan Holloway Barbie doll.


But mostly, this season I’m interested in watching what they drink.  This is an era of cocktails– the classics and Tiki were popular, but it was before a lot of the artificial monstrosities of the 70s and 80s.  These are sophisticated cocktails:

You get the idea– the stuff that today we consider classic, or maybe associate with our grandparents.  If you want a list of Mad Men-style cocktails for your Mad Men watching party, check out Mad Men’s cocktail site.  YumSugar puts each cocktail into its character’s context (Don Draper”s daughter, Sally, knows how to make a Tom Collins, for example, and Betty drinks a Vodka Gimlet.).

And if you’re going to just have a drink around the office?  Canadian Club Whiskey, neat or on the rocks.

I can’t wait to see what they’re drinking this season– Michelle will talk about it on Mondays, but don’t be surprised if I chime in if there’s something really neat.  I’m just waiting for Sally Draper to start drinking some of the cocktails she’s shaking… poor kid!

7 thoughts on “Cocktail Hour: Mad Men”

  • We can’t wait for Sunday here at Chez Hochscheid. We have been watching the past seasons via AMC On Demand for the past two weeks. I love the cocktails of Mad Men, and the way the refer to Canadian Whiskey as ‘Rye’-which it is not by the way. This is historically accurate, in fact my Grandpa referred to Canadian Club as Rye up until the day he died. Grandpa drank CC Manhattans, he liked them stirred, neat and stiff. Unfortunately it’s during this very period when the Old Fashioned was nearly ruined by the addition of a fruit salad, blended whiskey and too much club soda. Ah, for the simple perfecton of a well made Old Fashioned.

  • BTW Julie,have yo caught Starz new series, Pillars of the Earth yet? Tabitha & I watched the first two episodes last night and we’re hooked. If you liked The Tudors you’ll love it.

  • Watched the premier, these people drink like fish. WOW, I don’t recall that much drinking in the 50s, my family were Methodists, that had a lot to do with it. My dad had an occasional CC, myself I converted to VO and soda water years ago in Omaha Nebraska when I ran across a huge old Victorian house full of bartenders, they shared the place, there were 12 of them, party central. They all drank VO, soda water and a lemon twist, when I asked why they said no hangover. VO is about as clean a reasonably priced whiskey as you can get, the soda keeps it light and gives it a bit of fizz and no sugar to contribute to a hangover. Been drinking them ever since. That was the start of my kicking sugar, I was addicted to gin and tonics before that.

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