Back from NOLA, news, and more

  • Back from Tales of the Cocktail! Didn’t eat my way through New Orleans as I could’ve, but had a great time.  Can’t wait for next year!
  • Joe’s Diner on Sycamore– complete with a version of the old Diner on Sycamore sign– is in the middle of their soft opening right now.  Someone had asked about it during my chat on Friday, and I found an answer.  So far, I’ve heard very good things, and can’t wait to try it myself sometime very soon.
  • Don’t forget to take my survey for cash and prizes. Okay, maybe just prizes. But I value your feedback and have gotten some great feedback so far!
  • Mad Men last night: every drink (except for a reporter’s martini and wine at Thanksgiving) was on the rocks– much like the characters’ lives.  Whiskey and vodka.
  • Speaking of cocktails, I mentioned an announcement on the chat on Friday.  I’m not going to make it today, but it’s definitely cocktail-related.  More news soon!