Area Sports Arena food safety– how does Cincinnati stack up?

Eeep, Cincinnati isn’t doing so well, but we’re doing a lot better than a lot of other cities when it comes to arena food safety.

Interesting article from ESPN— it gives the food safety results for various arenas across the continent.

Who’s tops?

Whether you’re a White Sox or a Cubs fan, both had 0% of their vendors in violation– but they also don’t inspect while people are handling food.  The New England Patriots’ stadium had no violations (and no caveats about it being empty when they inspected, either).

The worst?  Verizon Center in DC, with 100% of its vendors having critical violations.  Florida didn’t fare so well either, with many of their arenas with 75% or more, including the home of the Marlins, where I saw a game last year (and I’m glad I stuck with beer).  Apparently an employee anonymously reported insects being blended into the mixed frozen drinks.  Yuck!


Great American Ballpark: 40% of its vendors with violations, including scraping food debris into the garbage with a spatula, then using the same spatula to cook.

Paul Brown Stadium: 31% in violation, including keeping hot dogs at too low a temperature.

Read the rest of the article— it’s an absolutely fascinating study of food service across the country.