Mini-Review: Grateful Grahams

I love my neighborhood. Longtime readers probably know that (and I probably drone on abut how much it rocks a little too often). It’s so convenient for me, like I did a few weeks ago, to come home after, say, Yoga and run a couple of errands. Now, avoiding people I know while in yoga clothes is somewhat of a challenge, but you can’t beat the convenience. I knew I needed dryer sheets, and as I’ve switched to the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day brand (I don’t like the idea of my clothing being covered in animal fat, what can I say? Yeah, that’s how your clothes get soft from most other brands. Ick.) I could just hop right over to Park + Vine and pick some up.  It’s a great store, with some great eco-friendly stuff if you haven’t made it down there.  Dan Korman, the owner, also sells food from local purveyors– some of it vegan, a lot of it vegetarian, and all of it fantastic.  Like some of the big box stores, he puts some of these goodies by the counter to tempt you as you check out.  Clever.

What caught my eye that day?  Grateful Grahams.  I had heard about them– George from Metronation exclaimed, “I’ve never liked anything vegan, but those are AMAZING.”  I just hadn’t picked any up yet, so at the first opportunity I picked up the chocolate variety.

They come in a cute brown paper bag with a window.  I’d, in fact, post pictures of this if Terry and I hadn’t wolfed down the darn things so quickly.  Oops.  These aren’t your Honey Maid grahams– they’re soft, dense, a tiny bit chewy, and utterly addictive.  I haven’t tried the regular flavor, but the chocolate has just a hint of cocoa, and a lot of brown sugar and cinnamon.  Delicious.  At $7 a package, they’re not cheap, but I don’t think I can go back to regular graham crackers after this.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them besides just eat them– an excellent option I am not discounting, by the way.  Possibilities:

  • Possibly the most killer (and pricey) graham cracker crust EVER.
  • Ice cream sandwiches.  They’re the perfect shape (rectangular) and the perfect texture.  Maybe some Dojo Gelato or Aglamesis?
  • Grateful Grahams + Nutella

What are your suggestions?

Where to buy Grateful Grahams? Follow them on Facebook to find out their latest locations, but you can always get them at Park + Vine, at the corner of Central Parkway and Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine.

9 thoughts on “Mini-Review: Grateful Grahams”

  • I bought these from this gal at the Asparagus Festival in Mayslick in May for Violet to nibble on…I chose the original flavor–and they rock! Between these grahams, and the fresh strawberries I bought from the Amish folks, I was WELL satisfied on my drive from Mayslick to Hyde Park 🙂

    My husband, who only LOOKS like he eats like a vegan, absolutely loved them. I did NOT tell him they were vegan because he would have put it down, never to pick it up again. In hindsight, that was, perhaps EXACTLY what I should have done–more for me and Violet!

    They did not last long enough in my household to utilize in any other capacity except munching, but I will say that even though they are pricey, you really only needed one–good amounts of fiber will do that!

  • Vegan s’mores. Sandwich the chocolate variety with toasted vegan marshmallows (also available at Park + Vine). Crazy good.

    • Yes! I was going to suggest this as well. Park + Vine carries Dandies, which melt and ooze wonderfully. I also like the Sweet & Sara marshmallows (especially the toasted coconut variety!) for eating by themselves … but the Dandies would make for wonderful, cruelty-free s’mores.

  • Thanks so much for the awesome review!! It made my week reading this! Happy to hear that so many people love my grahams!

    Just wanted to let you know that they are also available at Blue Manatee Childrens Bookstore and Decafe in Oakley! Park + Vine also takes them to the Northisde Farmers Market too!

    I am working on a graham cracker crust now and must say that it is delicious!! My portas’more is available at events which is a vegan delight of 2 grahams, chocolate and vegan marshmallow fluff all sandwiched together!!


  • I LOVE Grateful Grahams, they are the #1 lunchbox treat for kids and adults in my house. And the owner is just so cute and friendly, I always imagine I can feel the love in each cracker.

  • At the new Heel Click X3: OtR, I intend on doing a lot more cooking and entertaining. Have always wanted to do s’mores by gas range because, well, how fun is that? Parties, a bunch of drunk people setting sugary puffs on fire? It sounds totally awesome. And these grahams sound like the perfect addition to this fantasy.

  • I just picked up a package of Grateful Grahams at Clifton Natural Foods. Oh my goodness, they are wonderful. I see some vegan s’mores in my future. Thanks Julie!

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