Food trucks are great, but what do you do with them in the winter?

I’m definitely a fan of food trucks– what’s not to like about good food served just about anywhere? With the new ordinances in Cincinnati, food trucks are only going to multiply, since they have some guaranteed places to sell their wares.

But, I’m sure you’ve thought of this– I know I have– what about the winter? It gets cold here in Cincinnati, and as much as I love a Cafe de Wheels burger, I don’t know that I want to wait outside in the cold, and then eat it in the cold.

Orchard Media Group (OMG for short. Not kidding.) is in the development stages of creating a food igloo– a place where customers can go inside and eat their food truck finds.  It was created by Micah Paldino, owner of PB&J, a public relations firm and creative director of OMG.  “While working with my current clients Tom Acito of Café de Wheels and Dave Neal of Senor Roys Taco Patrol, I realized that winter really is an issue for these food vendors, what better way than to create a pop-up igloo that serves the purpose of a mobile restaurant and could in turn get some great attention for the city of Cincinnati,” said Paldino.

Right now they’re in development– creating a business plan, coming up with designs– and they’re hoping to pitch their idea to corporations for sponsorship in August.