What do you want to see at Cincinnati’s Restaurant Row?

Have you heard about Cincinnati’s Restaurant Row? This is the area on 6th and Walnut– think the old Oceanaire location, Mr. Sushi– on the ground floor of the 580 Building. The building has several spots open for restaurants (see the artist’s rendering to the left). I spoke with Kathleen Norris from Brandt Retail Group, who is trying to get an idea of what the community would like to see in that space.  I said– hey– we have some dedicated restaurant goers here at wine me, dine me— so why not ask them?  So tell me:

  • Which Cincinnati chef would you like to see open a restaurant on the proposed Restaurant Row?
  • Which cuisines do you feel need to be represented?
  • What DON’T you want to see there?

And no– I’m not getting anything out of this.  That area of 6th street has been sadly vacant for too long.  Remember when it was lined with Barleycorn’s, the Maisonette, La Normandie, Frisch’s– something for everyone.  I think it’s great that the folks at the Brandt Retail Group really want to hear what the people want.  Leave your ideas here– I know Kathleen will be reading!