Soho Sushi now open downtown

Soho Sushi– a build-your-own-sushi restaurant– is open for lunch downtown, 11-3. They’re located in Tower Place, but they do have a separate, non-mall entrance on 4th Street.

They are currently not open for dinner (which means I probably won’t get there anytime soon).

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  • I just took carryout from there today. Considering they are still working out the kinks (no seaweed salad yet) I was pretty impressed with my California roll :).

  • I went there today. The build-your-own concept was nice–it reminded me a bit of Chipotle in approach. The upside was I was able to custom-spec my sushi. I’ve only been eating sushi for five months (to the day!), but I had the impression that, if I really wanted to, I could do that at almost any sushi bar. The key difference was I was standing in line and watching, and “roll your own” being an explicit offering.

    They did bring some neat innovations–the rice was put on the nori by a machine, making a nice even layer. A machine was use to cut the roll (ironic, given the pictures of knifes on the wall), though it didn’t seem calibrated to the roll.

    The basic offering was built around basic sushi rolls–no nigiri, or rolls with extra fish on top of it. It provides a simple approach for what they were doing. You would tell the person behind the counter the type of meat, “vegetables” (cream cheese was listed in that column), and toppings (eel sauce, etc.). They offered some interesting choices. The only raw meat was spicy tuna and spicy salmon. The rest (including tempura chicken, crab, steak, unagi, and a few others) were cooked.

    I had spicy salmon, with scallions, asparagus, and cream cheese, which was good. Assembly was OK, if a touch sloppy. I had bits of fish spilling out the ends of the roll.

    Here’s the thing: relative to going to another place for take-out sushi*, I don’t think I got anything dramatically faster or cheaper for a comparable roll, and it was about average for the sushi I’ve tried. Perhaps dining in might make the case more compelling.

    So, overall, it was an OK experience, but, in and of itself, did not strike me as particularly compelling. It does benefit from being convenient,

    *I’m measuring that as “walking in and asking for something,” excluding any driving, etc. This allows for a comparison to places not downtown. Obviously, my choices walking from the office are Soho and Mr. Sushi.

  • Thanks Charles for describing the experience. I’ve eaten sushi for several years and, on-and-off, have had some random food restrictions. I’ve always found sushi chefs extremely accommodating so I was wondering how they could make it even more “build your own” than any other sushi restaurant. I clicked through to ask for more detail and you beat me to it! It sounds like an interesting concept and more accessible for someone intimidated by the usual sushi experience.

    • There isn’t any sushi joint that is build your own, never seen or been to one in my life and I east sushi once a week for a long time in a row, at numerous cities throughout the world.

  • The owner did tell me that they are open to keeping later hours, but wanted to start off conservatively. Once they get things going and have their feet under them, they might very well extend hours. It would probably help to let them know if/when you do go in to visit…this approach worked for Chipotle on Fountain Square and getting them to keep later hours.
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