Events: Beer Benefit and Tweetup for Tarbell

There are two events happening this week that are important to me, but, due to out-of-town work, I can’t attend, so instead I’ll tell you about them and encourage you to go!  Don’t worry, there will be something totally food-related later today.

The first is a benefit for Karen Bower at Marty’s Hops and Vines on Tuesday, April 20th.  Karen is the daughter of my former boss and professor, Fred Krome, a military veteran, and single mom.  She was diagnosed with a rare pulmonary disorder a couple of months ago, and spent several weeks in the ICU and is now in rehabilitation.  Though she had health insurance and disability, there are still some expenses that weren’t covered.  Marty’s Hops and Vines will donate 30% of their proceeds from Stella Artois beer and their house wine (which I hear is really good!) to Karen and her son, Steven.

On Wednesday, April 21, is the Tweetup for Tarbell, at The Famous Neon’s in Over-the-Rhine.  Now, you all know I tend to not get too political here, but Jim Tarbell is one of the few people in the primary who understands the city and its needs, as well as the county (having served on several county-wide development boards), is a champion of arts, of small business owner, and cares about public safety.  Though I am a city dweller, I also realize that the county needs someone like him who is forward-thinking, yet has a ton of experience and wisdom.  Join Kate from Kate’s Random Musings and Bob Schwartz from 5chw4r7z, my intrepid cohosts (read: the people who will actually be there) to raise a glass to Jim!