We’re #3!

Wow, thanks everyone! The results from City Beat’s Best of are in, and wine me, dine me came in 3rd, behind Scott Sloan’s blog (warning: not really SFW) and Urban Cincy. Considering WMDM is kind of niche-y, and the only porn around here is food porn, I’m pretty thrilled!

I do have one comment– and this has nothing to do with “Best Blog”, but, of course, the restaurants. I loved the staff feature on Findlay Market, but the preponderance of chains in the list is a little disheartening. “Best of”, to me, means something that doesn’t exist anywhere else– which is why in May I’ll probably complain about “Best of Taste of Cincinnati” is too chain-heavy (though last year was pretty local). I have no issue with local chains, but “best new restaurant” shouldn’t be the fastest growing chain in America, just like Chipotle shouldn’t win in multiple categories (I like Chipotle as much as the next person, but best in Cincinnati? No.).  Folks, support your local restaurants!