Taft with a Twist tonight– don’t forget

Don’t forget that tonight is Taft with a Twist, where I’ll lead you through a chocolate and port tasting, along with Dojo Gelato! It’s free for members, $10 for non-members and starts at 6:30 and runs through 9 PM.

11 thoughts on “Taft with a Twist tonight– don’t forget”

  • Sorry – I attended and we perceived you as someone who wants desperately to be an authority on something. Not enough homework done – not everyone in he audience was someone your sleeping with. Disappointing.

      • How is criticism of your performance a personal attack? You put yourself out there as an expert, but your presentation was amatuerish at best, as is your defensiveness about my critique . You stammered, then corrected yourself repeatedly. If you are going to do presentations that people pay for, in a setting such as the Taft Museum, then be professional, and don’t have The Boyfriend post about cute you are.

        • I don’t consider the criticism of my performance a personal attack. The “sleeping with” comment I do, however. There are ways to be critical that aren’t cruel. I’m sorry you didn’t like my presentation, and I’ll try next time to avoid correcting myself mid sentence. I’ve received positive feedback from the Taft, but again, I’m sorry if you were disappointed.

          As far as The Boyfriend is concerned, I don’t tell him what to comment. That’s not my style.

  • We had a ball! I mean a serious ball! I met a couple of girlfriends, tasted the chocolate, port, gelato and then went on a tour. We are excited and plan on attending again. It was informative, completely relaxed and well put together.

    And last I checked, none of us were sleeping with author…

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