Restaurant Week Starts Today

It’s that time of year– the spring edition of Restaurant Week. This event is so much bigger than years past– it’s hard to make a decision when there are so many great restaurants (and only a week to enjoy the great deals). It doesn’t matter where you live– there are restaurants downtown, in the suburbs, as far north as Mason and West Chester and as far south as Crestview Hills. Check out Eat Local Cincy for specific restaurants and menus.

Shannan asked where I’d go– so I told her three places:

Brown Dog Cafe– always interesting and fun, the candied baby beets and deconstructed beef Wellington look particularly interesting.  I ate there last restaurant week and had a fabulous meal.

York Street Cafe– one of the most underrated, fun, and delicious restaurants in the city.  They have several of my favorite dishes of theirs on the menu (including their stellar Amish Chicken) and several new things as well.

Daveed’s– always a great value during Restaurant Week; that soup-of-the-moment (shiitake+marsala+crème fraiche) sounds fabulous.  Their menu will change during the week.

So where are you planning on going for Restaurant Week? What is your experience like? Share in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Restaurant Week Starts Today”

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  • Were heading to the View on Friday – interested in seeing what the owners of Bella Luna can do and then of course, a trip to Daveeds on Saturday night. Daveeds was filling up fast. I need to plan earlier next time!

  • There are so many great choices it’s hard to decide! I always love Chalk and the Bistro, so those look great, but I’ve heard good things about Red lately, too.

  • Went to Terry’s Turf Club for the first time Thursday the 18th. It was by far the BEST burger I have ever had, and believe me, Ihave had a lot of burgers.
    I had teh Blue Cheese Bacon with all the fixins. My wife had the Red Wine reduction mushroom. They were both out of this world!!

  • Sara and I have reservations for the Brown Dog Cafe. It had enough variety on the menu where we both would be happy with our choices.

    I really wanted to try Bouquet, but the menu seemed so boring. I’ve done the small plate/wine happy hour they have and was pleased but there wasn’t anything to entice me to come in this time.
    .-= Evan´s last blog ..Quickie: I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 =-.

  • I will be going to Hugo for the first time to try their Shrimp n Grits, something I’ve heard they are known for.

  • Heading to The Blind Moose in Maineville this Saturday to see Kevin Fox, enjoy some ice cold beer and a stuffed burger!

  • Brown Dog on Wednesday. Went there for the first time a couple weeks ago and loved it. And of course 20 Brix, although I need to get on Hunter to post the menu. Nah, Chef Paul will have something great lined up. His pairings at the wine tastings are amazingly creative. I should probably start blogging about them. Ha!

    • the menu is posted on 20 brix website and it looks fantastic. I have never been and am excited to try it. we will be going there Thurs and Embers Friday

        • I help GCI with marketing for Restaurant Week and other events. They didn’t get the menus to us in time to post, but I will say that I took a friend there for RW last fall and it was incredible. Great wine pairings. With so many interesting wines to try, love their 2 oz pour option.

  • Looking forward to Local 127 Tues. and View Thurs. We thought about 20 Brix too. RW is a such a great opportunity to try new places. Have learned from past RWs that two is a good number for me. Between the negotiation with dining companions about venues and the amount of food, two works and three verges on overload 🙂 Of course, I encourage others who feel differently to go for it!

  • Hello,

    I tried brown dog cafe yesterday night and was amazed by the stuffed mushroms, how fresh, light and springy the zucchini made them taste. The shrimp with tequila marinated berries with avocado was surprising and decadent.
    The candied baby beets salad is my favorite salad (sweet tooth), i was feeling something was missing in the flavor of the other salad (nut/cheese) that could have kicked the flavor profile more.
    Beef deconstructed was good and being french i always like when the chef is generous on foie gras. And it is really deconstructed 🙂
    The dynamite tuna was deceiving, too much rice, herbs were not powerful enough (maybe they were dried herbs) in the broth.
    Tried the strawberry black pepper gelato and it is way too much black pepper, building up spoon after spoon. killing your mouth for the next hour or so. i would suggest you try another flavor or another dessert cause all the other desserts looked good on the menu

    Other than that, I will try Hugo (Finally after three years I have been here!!) tonight, go to the Summit on Thursday as I love what the chef does and will try local 127 on saturday.
    Will go to the Senate again this friday because I love what Dan does.
    I would have loved to try Boca if only it participated in restaurant week. 🙁

    and then, I will be on a diet and running to kill the calories 🙂

  • I’m heading to Trio Wednesday evening. This is their first time I believe doing this-I heard the pork is fabulous.

  • I had a wonderful meal at Cumin on Monday, a good one at Daveed’s last night, and am saving one of my favorites, Chalk, for Saturday. I, too, wish Boca would participate.

  • I went to Trio last night. This is their first RW so I wanted to see what they were up to. Disclaimer: I do marketing for GCI, so while I probably wouldn’t post a negative experience, I also wouldn’t exaggerate. But mostly I love food, so I want to post too. That said, had a wonderful meal. Got so full had to box part of my dinner. Probably best RW experience I’ve had to date, but tonight is VIEW, so we’ll see…

  • I love Bella Luna so I will definitely head there this week to see what they’ve come up with for the RW menu! If they’re not too booked, I’d really like to try VIEW and see what they’re all about. I don’t think I’ll be disappointed if the owner’s of Bella Luna do things at VIEW the same way the do them at Bella Luna! If anyone has been to VIEW, let me know how it was!

    • I tried VIEW for the first time last night. Had a very hip, eclectic feel inside. Fun like Bella, but a bit more chic. Did the RW menu and every bit of the food lived up to the recent hype. I had the seared ahi while my friend had the lamb chops, both perfection. Nice choice of entrees. Not exactly from their regular menu. Smaller portions, but what I expected from a fine dining menu. Did not leave hungry. It was packed at 7 on Wed and remained full until 9 or so. I heard that the weekend is pretty well booked, but there may be some off peak times left. I would definitely go back. Esp. for that patio.

  • by far hands down, the best meal in cincinnati has to be boi na braza brazillian steakhouse. dollar for dollar you wont get as many choices of meats any where else as here. service is out of this world ,so if you have not been there do your self a favor and try it you will be blown away.

    • I have eaten there– and reviewed it– and find it only okay. Perhaps I’m just not a big enough meat eater to enjoy (or justify) $60 worth of it with no leftovers, like I would get at Morton’s, Jeff Ruby’s or Red.

  • Julie –
    Thanks so much for the suggestions. We ate at Daveed’s Tuesday night. We did the RW menu, but our server informed us that it wasn’t really that much food, and encouraged us to supplement it with additional items from the menu. We ended up ordering the Artisanal cheese selection which included: Mahon , P’tit Basque, Boucheron (my fave) and Le Peral. Our soup was the Sweet Roasted Tomato with garlic, cheese crouton and had little bits of pheasant. It was sweet and I enjoyed it, but some at our table felt it was more like eating pasta sauce. The next course was a simple salad. I am not sure what the dressing was, but it was amazing. For the main course I did the pasta which again had an amazing sauce, but the duck (which my husband had) was the real star. We wrapped up with dessert, ordering the bread pudding, choc. brownies and cookies (there were four of us) and then French Press coffee.

    Overall I’d probably give the experience an 8. Thanks so much for recommending it. While we were there our server mentioned that on Thursday night’s they do a burger, duck fat fries & beer special for $16. We’ll def. be returning to check that out.

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