I’m obsessed…

…with craft cocktails. Since sampling them at The Rookwood,Tonic, Bouchon in Vegas, private parties with Molly Wellman… Obsessed! Expect to see some posts here and on wine-girl.net soon. For now, I’m reading up and experimenting.

What is your favorite craft or classic cocktail?

20 thoughts on “I’m obsessed…”

  • Nothing beats a well executed bloody Mary. With top shelf vodka, fresh horseradish, Worcestershire, etc. with celery & big giant olives. Please, no ready made mix. Might as well use Clamato, then! My favorite is made by “B” at Il Posto Accanto in LES, NYC.
    .-= Erin Swing´s last blog ..Hotel Empordà in Figueres, Spain =-.

  • My favorite is a Manhattan. I just wish places would stop serving them in those emasculating martini glasses. It is a *manly* drink and should be served in a *manly* glass.

    Speaking of martini’s, the pear & ginger martini at Palomino was tasty. I wouldn’t consider it a real “craft” cocktail, but it is something worth trying.
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    • Well, there aren’t many manly stemmed glasses. Unless you like your Manhattans on the rocks (not “traditional”, I’ve recently converted to only up), I’m not sure how else they’d serve them without your hand warming up the whole thing.

      I’ve had that pear and ginger– it’s pretty tasty.

      • When I am making them at home I will be lazy and drink them on the rocks, but I am usually not really measuring the rye or vermouth out, but rather eyeballing it. When I am out I always order it up.

        It could be that I am a raging alcoholic, but I don’t let me Manhattans sit for long enough to get warmed by my hand. To me, a Manhattan is not a sipping drink, rather one to be drank with gusto.

  • I like a traditional dry martini – vodka, dry vermouth, several dashes of blood orange bitters and three blue cheese stuffed olives. The perfect aperitif before a big steak. And I have yet to find a bartender in Cincinnati that can craft one like I make’em at home.

    BTW Julie, I had, what I consider the perfect blue cheese topped steak the other night, at Embers. It wasn’t crusted on top – no, they cooked the steak rare then topped it with Maytag blue cheese. The cheese was trapped between the steak and fried onion rings – it was awesome.

  • Julie,
    Last Thursday we took Molly to a friend’s house so they could mind-meld on rum. His collection of Tiki Drink books and memorabilia was a very welcome antidote for our cabin fever. Took me two days to recover though, the Zombie damn near did me in. Me thinks there are Tiki drinks and some new news from Molly soon. Stay tuned. In the mean time I think she is out at


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