I neglected to post about St. Patrick’s Day..

….first, we headed to O’Nati’s pub on Fountain Square, where a big bunch of fabulous folks were gathered to listen to Naked Karate Girls and a U2 cover band, but mostly drink beer.

DSC_0039Then, Kate, The Boyfriend and I went over to Arnold‘s– where we had some killer fried cod (crispy, yet tender and flaky, not overwhelmed by batter– just perfect!) and really great Irish stew.  It was probably the best meal I’ve had at Arnold’s– keep those items on the menu!  I also loved the Jameson Mojito– which I initially turned my nose up at, but the description sounded really good: Jameson, mint, ginger syrup and ginger ale.  Delicious!

And right before Twitter went down last night, I happened to see @Maddow tweet about her (now-annual) Irish cocktail on her show.  Say what you will about her politics, the woman knows her cocktail stuff.  I noticed that I had all of the ingredients, and made her Irish cocktail, Oisin’s Dram.   I used Tullamore Dew, which I had on hand, but otherwise, I made the recipe exactly the same.  It was awesome:  it tasted a lot like mulled wine with an extra kick.  That one will stay in my repetoire.

And, if you want to make some Irish coffee this weekend (hey, you can celebrate St. Patty’s all through the weekend, right?), here is Rachel hosting Dale DeGroff, author of The Craft of the Cocktail who shows us how to make Irish coffee, a la the Buena Vista Hotel.  Man, he didn’t stir that coffee quite enought…

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