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Call up City Council: Don’t let them legislate away food trucks!

Got this press release and thought you might be interested. Food trucks– like Senor Roy’s and Cafe de Wheels– could be regulated away from city streets. Considering that they are respectful of other small businesses and are filling a need for late night dining downtown. I love seeing food trucks in other cities– in New York, the dessert trucks; in San Francisco, the porqueta truck– and I love that Cincinnati is finally joining other major cities, and that there are more late-night choices.
To deal with this, the food truck folks have formed a group in order to petition the city– what do you think?

CINCINNATI – March 24, 2010 – Café de Wheels and other food truck vendors are overjoyed with the article from food critic Polly Campbell of the Cincinnati Enquirer on Wednesday March 17, 2010. In the article, Cincinnati City Solicitor John Curp addressed the debacle of parking on public property – most notably metered and non-metered parking spots around Over-the-Rhine and downtown Cincinnati.

“There’s nothing on the books that specifically regulates truck vendors,…but it’s safe to say that the city is looking into need for additional regulations,” Curp said in the Enquirer article.

“There was a lot of confusion about what was considered an ‘acceptable’ and, more seriously, ‘legal’ spot to park in the downtown areas,” said Tom Acito, owner of Café de Wheels, “but now that we are cleared for foodie duty, you’ll be seeing more of us.”

Acito and other food truck vendors like Senor Roy’s and Taco Azul, which is not yet open for business, will be forming the Cincy Food Truck Alliance to take a united front on issues that will undoubtedly present themselves in months to come.

“Our goal of being a mobile restaurant isn’t to steal business from local restaurants in the Over-the-Rhine and downtown areas. Rather, we hope to situate ourselves in areas where we will not directly compete with independent restaurant owners,” Acito said.