wine me, dine me (on BuzzVoice)

Have you heard of BuzzVoice? It’s a cool service (formerly known as PimpMyNews) that reads your blogs to you, like a podcast. John Atkinson, the brains behind BuzzVoice, was kind enough to allow wine me, dine me to be a member of the beta! If you are in the blog and not an RSS reader, you can see on the left that there is a link where you can listen to wine me, dine me. If you’re in an RSS reader, you can follow this link and add wine me, dine me on BuzzVoice to iTunes or whatever player you use for your podcasts. It’s also available on the iTunes store as an iPhone app.

You can also get wine me, dine me delivered to your Kindle

Let me know what you think– John is very interested in your opinion! Just comment on this post.