Review: In-N-Out Burger, San Francisco

I’m going to take a small break from Cincinnati stuff to share some food finds from my travels in the past few months.  I’ve been, let’s see… a lot of places.  I lose track.  Since November, I have been near an In-n-Out Burger no fewer than four times, but only actually *got* some twice– once because I took my tush to Fisherman’s Wharf and accidentally ended up in one (it was the coffee from the Buena Vista that did it…) on my birthday.  Yeah, I figured I could drown the fact that I was alone, traveling for work on my birthday with french fries, Animal-style.

I’m not the biggest fast food fan, but there are a couple of small chains I like:  Five Guys is one, and In-N-Out is another.   It’s not super-fast food, not like McDonald’s, and they seem to have– well, standards.  They cut all of their own potatoes, their meat is fresh and not frozen, and food is made to order.  They also, as many foodies know, have a “secret menu”.  A few of them are pretty interesting:

  • Animal-style, which involves their “special sauce” (essentially 1000 island dressing), pickles, mustard grilled into the patty, and grilled onions
  • Animal-style fries, which tops an order of fries with a slice of melted cheese, special sauce, and grilled onions
  • Wish Burger– no meat or cheese
  • Grilled cheese– burger, no meat

You get the idea.  So I decided to top off my Buena Vista Irish coffees with an order of Animal-style fries, which I hadn’t had before (before my trip in November, I hadn’t been to the West Coast since about 2003).


I’m pretty sure I had to sign a release to order these– but oh-so-good.  They don’t franchise outside of the west coast, so unlike Five Guys, you’ll probably never see one in Ohio.  Too sad.

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