Mini-Review: Nicola’s

DSC_0257 I posted a while back about Nicola’s Monday Night Neighborhood special, which Terry and I partake in more often than our waistlines would like, where we get their famous bolognese (seen also as the sauce for the lasagna at Via Vite).  The last time we were at Nicola’s, we decided to partake in dessert as well– something we rarely do on a Monday night, but the dessert menu’s siren song was irresistible (I think we may have been celebrating something, but I’m not really sure what…).  After much debate, we picked something we hadn’t tried before:  Cream of Ricotta and dark chocolate mousse.

It’s amazing to me how this dessert can be rich, yet light: it’s a luscious combination of a layer of ricotta cream, which has an Italian-cheesecake like flavor, but is light, creamy and custardlike, topped with a thick, rich, dark chocolate mousse.  The ideal bite has a bit of each– light contrasting rich, clean and creamy with a punch of rich, complex chocolate.  ThDSC_0263is is one of my new favorite desserts in town, and I’m glad my schedule is such that we haven’t been to Nicola’s in a couple of weeks– I’d be too tempted to order this dessert again.  Don’t forget some of the most gorgeous raspberries I’ve seen in winter, and tiny tuille cookies– it’s perfect to share. It’s not often that I beg for recipes, but I would totally beg for this one. Try it out!

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