Cincinnati Magazine’s Top Ten List 2010

Thanks to a Mt. Adams Reader for allowing me to borrow their copy of Cincinnati Magazine— I don’t get many magazines because my old mail carrier liked to rip mine to shreds before they arrived in my mailbox. Mental note: subscribe to magazines again.

Last years’ list, for reference.

2008’s, too.

1. Orchids
2. Boca
3. Daveed’s
4. Nicola’s
5. The Palace *NEW
6. Nectar
7. Cumin
8. Hugo
9. Slims
10. Riverside Korean

Best New: Local 127

Some of the “food finds” are familiar– Shrimp and Grit’s at Tucker’s, Dojo Affogato, Snowville Creamery products– and the chef profiles are great (and feature some of my favorite people), but you’ll have to buy the magazine to read those.

So, my thoughts:

  • I need to get to Orchids, obviously.  I haven’t been in years.
  • I should probably get to Nectar, too.  I’m not sure why Mt. Lookout always escapes my list of potential neighborhood choices.
  • I can’t quite figure out how Via Vite dropped off the list entirely; I’d argue that my experiences in the last year have been far better than they were the prior year, mostly because Cristian Pietoso is not spread between both restaurants, and is focusing entirely on Via Vite.
  • The Palace’s inclusion, however, is totally warranted, and congratulations to them for the addition!
  • I’m happy that non-French/American/Italian food has made the list again this year, but I’d kick off Cumin before I’d kick off Via Vite.
  • Where’s Honey?
  • Still no Jeff Ruby restaurant (though Jeremy Lieb is one of the chefs profiled).  I wondered this last year, too.
  • Local 127 as best new restaurant?  I see it, particularly since Covrett’s “best of” lists tend towards restaurants with great atmosphere, food, and overall experience, and are usually aimed towards fine dining.  I know many of you will suggest Mayberry as best new local, but remember that they only opened for dinner in November, so there hasn’t been enough time to make multiple trips.
  • With Joanne Drilling heading to Murphin Ridge Inn, will Slims drop off the list next year?

What do you think?