Review: Comet (Brunch)

I just love the Comet, but for some reason, I rarely go there. When I heard that they were starting a brunch, I decided that we just had to try it out– the weekend it started, which was last weekend.  I figured there would be a few kinks as they were trying something new, but these folks have been doing their burritos so long, I should have known they’d get it right.

The Comet is known for its music, its bar, and its burritos. I have no idea how they come up with so much delicious food out of a small kitchen– I’m convinced my office at work is bigger– but they do. I am even more surprised that they took on brunch, but they got it down to an art on the first try by focusing on a few things, namely benedicts and burritos.

Brunch, actually, is one of my favorite meals.  Terry and I take great pleasure in waking up late on Sundays, drinking coffee, and then trying to decide where we’re going to read The New York Times on Sunday morning.  Lately, it’s been either Tucker’s or Take the Cake, but wanted to try something new, and someplace that had a liquor license– there were mimosas and bloody Marys in our future.

Ah, the New York Times…


What, that doesn’t look like the New York Times to you?  Terry and I are both addicted to our Kindles– if you see two people at brunch reading them together? It’s probably us.  I didn’t think Terry would like it as much as he did, but he is completely addicted.


We ordered at the bar and got our drinks– a Bloody for him and a Mimosa for me.  His Bloody was super-spicy and super strong, topped with a blue cheese stuffed olive and a pickled green bean.  My Mimosa was fairly standard, but generous and good.   They tided us over as we waited for our brunch– as you can imagine, with a small kitchen and a big crowd, it took a little while to get the food to us.


I really wanted the French Toast with Sweet Mole (I love mole!), but they had just sold out of it before I got there.  Instead, I had the Eggs Benedict– which had a ham option that I should have ordered.  The dish was a spicy hollandaise on top of two poached eggs, and instead of the traditional English muffin, the base was a quesadilla.  Clever!  The ham would have added the bit of salt that each bite needed– the hollandaise was just a touch underseasoned, but the dish overall was delicious and inventive.  The places we most like for brunch are the ones that are creative– not just French toast, plain eggs Benedict, and maybe quiche, but fanciful twists on old standards– and this fit the bill.


Terry got the Eggs Kathleen, two poached eggs on toasted rye bread, topped with crab and a creamy sauce.  Terry was slightly disappointed that it was “Krab” and not actual crab, but for the price point ($7.50), it was only a slight disappointment.  Again, a bit of seasoning could have helped this dish be all it could have been, but it was a really interesting take on a Benedict as well.

Overall– a great new brunch in what is beginning to be the Brunch Capital of Cincinnati, Northside.  They’re not just burritos anymore– and next time I’ll get there early to try the sweet mole (if they have it).

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