Merry Christmas!

This post comes to you from across the pond, overlooking Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam! Many thanks to John from John Does the Dam for some suggestions as to where to go We’re here through Monday, then we move on to Paris for a few days.  This is our real Christmas tradition– leaving town and work for a bit over a week to experience the holidays somewhere else. It is our third year running (and third year in a row in Paris).

Some observations:

  • There is almost no culture shock, since everyone speaks English.  I still intend to learn a little Dutch while I’m here.
  • Dutch food has some great influences–particularly Indonesian and Indian, because of their colonization in the 1600s.  I’ve eaten short ribs coated with a tamarind-based marinade and a chicken Satay that was divine– both in Dutch (as opposed to “ethnic”) restaurants
  • Beer is the same price as soda.
  • Speaking of, Bud Light is an expensive import.  I knew this from other trips, but it still amuses the heck out of me.

used with permission via creative commons