Cincinnati Holiday Food Favorites

There are a few things around town that you can only get during the holidays– and you just have to try. They’re familiar favorites and new treats– and I promise you’ll love ’em (just get them while they’re available).

Arnold’s, (8th street, Downtown) Ronda’s Egg Nog: Rhonda’s egg nog is everything it’s supposed to be: creamy, rich, filled with nutmeg and cinnamon, with a spectacular kick of brandy. It’s great to sip while listening to live music in their courtyard.

Graeter’s, UDF and Aglamesis (Various Locations): Peppermint Stick ice cream.  All three Cincinnati ice cream traditions have it– and of course, only for a limited time.  Graeter’s used to be available all year round, and it was my favorite choice when I went (topped, of course, with bittersweet chocolate).  At UDF, try theirs (notably less rich and creamy than Graeter’s or Aglamesis, but still good).

Dojo Gelato (Findlay Market), Rosie’s Egg Nog: I picked this up yesterday during a trip to Findlay Market.  This is egg nog spiked with bourbon– delish (and not quite as rich as ice cream).

Mayberry (Vine Street, Downtown), Gingerbread Cookies with Egg Nog Mousse: I can’t guarantee that these will be available, but these are easily my “find” of the season.  Light sugar cookies with a hint of gingerbread spice, sitting in a cloud of egg nog mousse.  Heavenly. (Ed. note: A full review of Mayberry will post sometime this week.)

Coffee Emporium (Hyde Park or Over-the-Rhine), Winter’s Blend coffee: I believe they roast this year-round, but this flavored coffee tastes like Christmas to me.  Cinnamon and cardamom blend for a hearty tasting coffee.

Yagoot (Hyde Park, Kenwood and Downtown), Pomegranate:  Pomegranates are a traditional, tangy part of the holiday season.  This limited-edition flavor is a lot lighter than my other choices, light, and good for you!  I guess it’s not so good for you once you put Yagoot’s Alligator Crunch on top, but it’s still quite tasty.

The Cincinnatian: Summer Genetti’s going super traditional this season– she’s doing figgy pudding and sugar plums, along with some twists on holiday favorites: egg nog creme brulee and gingerbread upside-down cake.

What are YOUR local holiday favorites?

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  • You should not omit Donna’s Gourmet Cookies — best choc-chip cookies ever, and lots of other great ones. too. Her shop is on Montgomery Rd near I-275.

    You also should list my blog on your list of Cincinnati Food Blogs. I have asked you several times and you have not responded. That is just rude.

    • I do not have the time or energy to answer every email I receive, and I also do not link back to every blog that links to me– few bloggers do. Please read my Commenting and Disclosure policy for more information.

  • Had a UDF peppermint stick shake last night — too much whole milk creaminess, not enough peppermint. Think I’ll walk to Graeter’s on HP2 to try theirs this week. Had the chocolate mousse cake with mint ice cream at the Cincinnatian last week and it was wonderful! We giggled at the figgy pudding – lovely idea.

  • I love bread pudding. Can’t get enough of the stuff, and for some reason I equate it with the holidays. Hoping mom serves some up this week.

    And Pama – hey there. Are you new to the blogging circuit? Some friendly advice: You’re not entitled to ask someone to be on their blogroll and automatically expect they’ll oblige. There’s a whole system of blogging etiquette. Ask yourself, “What would Emily Post do, were she a blogger?”

    She sure wouldn’t have the audacity to expect a response after repeatedly pestering a fellow blogger.

    It’s Julie’s blog and her prerogative is in play where blogrolls are concerned.

    See also:

    Take note: several of those sites make reference to the no-no of blog promotion in another blog’s comment section.
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Social Calendar =-.

  • I feel compelled to comment on the above blogging exchange. I feel like Pama was saying it was rude to not respond…not that she hasn’t been added to the blogroll. I understand that popular blog writers like Julie and Kate may have a ton of emails to go through each day (I know I sure do), but I feel like a response is still somewhat expected.

    Many people criticize celebrities for whining about all the media attention they receive when it comes with the territory. I feel the same exists with popular bloggers. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I respond personally to every email I receive. The response may not be what the person wants to hear, but at the very least I thank them for emailing me and for reading my website. To me, that just seems like proper etiquette.
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  • Emily Post holds that it’s never okay to be rude, but that pointing rudeness out is often, in itself, rude.

    Calling out a blogger for not responding to email in the comments may feel satisfying, but ask yourself – is it likely to provide the desired outcome? Is someone more likely to do you a favor after you’ve called them rude?

    Kate – a very classy response. Way to be gently helpful!

  • so it’s available all year round, but i just always associate it with christmas. esther price chocolates. my dad is from dayton, so he grew up with them, and as a kid, it was always a big deal to get an entire box of them in our stocking. the opera creams are the bee’s knees.

  • Personally, I like the Margaritas in Cold Spring, KY. While the website is changing as well as the menu. It is not your typical Mexican food. It is a family friendly atmosphere with a great and inexpensive menu which for a family of 5 is important.

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