Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine and Sodastream Seltzer Maker

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When in Las Vegas the other day, we wandered into Sur La Table (I think it was inside Planet Hollywood). Terry had gone on and on about this fantastic espresso machine he’d seen at Sur La Table the previous weekend, and how it was mess-free and completely unlike his old one, which took forever to clean. It apparently also made a killer cup of coffee! So when we wandered in, he made a point to look for it and show it to me.  It was the Nespresso CitiZ, an espresso machine that uses pods to make espresso.  The saleslady was pretty enthusiastic– and I think it was genuine (hey, I’ve done sales, I know the schtick). We didn’t walk out with one– hard to get it on the plane– but I’ve been thinking about it. I really like espresso drinks, and they can be pretty darn expensive. I’m in nesting mode (we’re about to close on a condo), but since we have new construction, I don’t have to worry about things that need to be fixed and can instead focus on things we really don’t need!

I, on the other hand, dragged him to the Soda Stream display.  I really LOVE sparkling water– much more than still– and have in my mind that I would drink far more plain water if it were all sparkling.  Terry, too, has an addiction to San Pelligrino, which can get expensive (and is a bear to store).  It also seems like a waste of resources– all of that plastic and glass.  Do any of you have a Soda Stream, and is it a good value? I’m entirely amused by the fact that they have one shaped like a penguin, though the $299 price tag would probably make me lean more towards a less expensive model.  I haven’t found many reviews online of the CitiZ, and I generally like to read up on appliances before I buy them. If you liked the CitiZ, why? Is there some other espresso maker you like?  Any other seltzer makers you prefer to the Soda Stream?

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  • Blake gave me an espresso machine last Christmas and I use it everyday. It’s not the one above, but the standard fill the portafilter with ground coffee, steaming wand, etc. I like it but you are correct… it’s a bitch to clean!

  • Julie,

    If you like the Soda Stream, may I suggest that you get a regular old fashioned Soda Syphon instead? It’s a lot less expensive and does the exact same thing. Here’s a brand new one selling for $30:

    Mrs. CincyCapell & I checked out several Nespresso machines before finally choosing the FrancisFrancis X1 machine. The FrancisFrancis machines can take both regular ground espresso and ESE espresso pods. The ESE pods make a much better espresso than the Nespresso type capsules do, and the FF machines get the water much hotter than the Napresso machines can which is key to making a great espresso. Plus there is a much wider variety of ESE pods available than you will find with Napresso capsules. Check out Pod Merchant ( )they have an amazing variety of ESE pods available, many made by artisanal blenders & roasters throughout Italy. You can see the FrancisFrancis machines at

    Just food for thought….

  • I bought a Soda Stream. I initially went with a cheaper model with the plastic bottles and loved it. But since moved on to the Penguin, because I wanted the use of glass bottles (much nicer to put on the table for a fancy dinner). Both are great machines and continue to use both (the kids use the plastic bottles more). the range of flavors are also super and so easy to use. saved me a fortune and so convenient. no more schlepping!! and to top all of it, I am told I am “greener” now as well (not that it was one of my main considerations). Thumbs up from me! Go for it.

  • Greetings….I’ve had my SodaStream for a while (before the newest design), very happy, better bubbles than a siphon. It is even easier now that the refills can be bought locally!

  • Hi Julie –
    Full disclosure – I’m the marketing manager for SodaStream USA, and your post caught my attention… Before I started working for the company, I was a huge fan of seltzer – usually bought by the case (expensive both for my pocketbook and for the planet.) Now, our soda maker has become the most used appliance in the house – more than the coffeemaker, even.

    Obviously I’m biased 🙂 But the SodaStream system has several advantages over the seltzer siphon linked above. First, the chargers for the siphon are small, making only 1-2 bottles per charger. I usually see these priced at about $7.99 for a pack of 10 (which works out to $0.79/liter…plus each charger gets tossed out or recycled after use; they cannot be reused. The SodaStream carbonator is much larger, making up to 60 liters before it needs to be changed out. Refills are $14.99 ($0.25 per liter) and we take back the empties to be cleaned, inspected, refilled and reused.

    Also the siphons only allow you one level of ‘fizz’. Whether you like extra-fizzy seltzer, or lightly carbonated water (a la Perrier) SodaStream makes it precisely to your taste.

    Unless you are a fanatic about using glass bottles instead of plastic…The lower priced models will suit you fine. We have Fountain Jet packages starting at $89.95 at, going up to $299 for the Penguin cited above. All of the kits come with everything you need to get started, including a full carbonator of CO2 and BPA-free reusable bottles. My personal favorite – the one I have in my own kitchen – is the Pure model (available at Sur La Table and, coming soon to Bloomingdales.) But that’s totally an aesthetic choice – all of the models function more or less the same way, and they all make great-tasting, earth-friendly [and cheap!] sparkling water.

    BTW If you buy the lowest price model (Fountain Jet starter kit) the average seltzer-drinking household will break even on the machine in about 3 months…after that it’s all savings! Feel free to use promo code HOLIDAY10 to save $10 off any soda maker at (through 12/31/09.)


  • I have both ot these machines above and love them both.
    The penguin soda club machine is great. More expensive maybe than other soda club machines but the glass carafes on the table are a hit.
    And the CitiZ…. Nespresso must be the best coffee company around and their customer service is great!

  • I used a Nespresso machine in Europe a couple of years ago (billboards of George Clooney were all over the place and they were launching it for commercial use simultaneously), though ours lacked a milk frother. It produced delicious coffee, for one third (or less!) of the price of the Francis Francis X1, which I agree yielded better coffee, but it was no substitute for my sticker shock! Nespresso is more commercially savvy as far as marketing goes, but this comes backed-up by first-class customer service, as it ought. We investigated using Nespresso at Twist in late 2007, but nothing came of it.
    .-= Burke Morton´s last blog ..Wines for Thanksgiving =-.

  • All my friends who have Nespresso machines are complete devotées. Nobody is on the fence about this. (All of these people are European, though we also have one in my office in California. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but it sure is fast and produces a non-bitter cup of espresso. I tend to pop in an Arpeggio pod, which has a caffeine rating of nine on a one-to-ten scale. But you can even get decaf pods, if you ever entertain freaks.) You can get a range of pods, and they even come out with limited edition ones throughout the year that the Nespresso fans I know go crazy over getting.

    That said, I know a lot of coffee snobs who turn their noses up at Nespresso. But there are always snobs rushing to do that, so I dunno. Let me ask my friend from Ristretto Roasters – – whose coffee was named the best cup of coffee in the northwest by the Sterns. Will let you know.

  • I LOVE the Citiz – a friend overseas (who has owned a nespresso for many years) gave it to us as Christmas present last week, & I’m already addicted to it! It makes a fabulous cup of cappucino too. Awesome milk forth. It beats most coffee made by the cafes in town.

  • I am considering a Citiz and have really enjoyed reading all the positive feedback.

    I do, however, already own a Soda Stream and love it. Even the store brands of seltzer were $1 each and I hated all the empty plastic bottles. We usually go through one a day – sometimes 2. With the Soda Stream, it is so easy to make a fresh seltzer every time you want it. I bought the flavored mixes as well but generally like it plain (well maybe some vodka and a squeeze of meyer lemon) lol But there’s nothing worse than flat seltzer, and if you’ve only used half the bottle, just fill it back up with water and refresh it again.

    I’ll get back to you on the Nespresso.

  • I bought a travel nespresso machine in Las Vegas but cannot use it because the company will not send the coffee capsules to anywhere other than your billing address! It’s a very unfriendly policy that renders the machine useless anywhere except your home base. As a traveler, I would NOT recommend Nespresso if you plan to use it away from home.

  • The Fizz Giz is much cheaper home carbonation gadget for carbonating a 1-liter drink in a bottle.

  • Great post! I especially love the SodaStream soda maker. It’s been a few months since I purchased it, and I recommend getting one for every family that has children – my boys love it! Excellent gift for your parents too, they wouldn’t have bought it for themselves.

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