Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine and Sodastream Seltzer Maker

This is not a review.

When in Las Vegas the other day, we wandered into Sur La Table (I think it was inside Planet Hollywood). Terry had gone on and on about this fantastic espresso machine he’d seen at Sur La Table the previous weekend, and how it was mess-free and completely unlike his old one, which took forever to clean. It apparently also made a killer cup of coffee! So when we wandered in, he made a point to look for it and show it to me.  It was the Nespresso CitiZ, an espresso machine that uses pods to make espresso.  The saleslady was pretty enthusiastic– and I think it was genuine (hey, I’ve done sales, I know the schtick). We didn’t walk out with one– hard to get it on the plane– but I’ve been thinking about it. I really like espresso drinks, and they can be pretty darn expensive. I’m in nesting mode (we’re about to close on a condo), but since we have new construction, I don’t have to worry about things that need to be fixed and can instead focus on things we really don’t need!

I, on the other hand, dragged him to the Soda Stream display.  I really LOVE sparkling water– much more than still– and have in my mind that I would drink far more plain water if it were all sparkling.  Terry, too, has an addiction to San Pelligrino, which can get expensive (and is a bear to store).  It also seems like a waste of resources– all of that plastic and glass.  Do any of you have a Soda Stream, and is it a good value? I’m entirely amused by the fact that they have one shaped like a penguin, though the $299 price tag would probably make me lean more towards a less expensive model.  I haven’t found many reviews online of the CitiZ, and I generally like to read up on appliances before I buy them. If you liked the CitiZ, why? Is there some other espresso maker you like?  Any other seltzer makers you prefer to the Soda Stream?