Two new wine blogs..

I *am* wine me, dine me– and while I don’t often talk about wine, I do want to share two new(ish) wine blogs in the Cincinnati area.
First, and this one has more to do with food– Burke Morton’s Wine Think. Burke is the former sommelier for Jean-Robert at Pigall’s, and former general manager for Lavomatic.  His site focuses on wine and food pairings– he tells me there will be a wine/food pairing widget coming in the near future– and general discussion of wine.  His style is academic while still being very engaging (and the site looks pretty cool too).  He also runs The Wines of Alsace, which is a pretty nifty site that has tons of information on Alsatian wine.
Second is Uncorked Cincinnati, the creation of Brian Radtke.  He’s focusing on the Cincinnati scene, with an eye on both history and current events.