Jean-Robert de Cavel to open new restaurant downtown.

It’s about time.

After Pigall’s closed in February, I can’t tell you how many comments and emails I’ve gotten asking me what Jean-Robert was going to do next. First, of course, there was the MCI partnership. Then, there was the Northside Can Factory rumor. Then, there was his partnership with the CSO. Now? His new restaurant, opening in the old Buddakhan space. Buddakhan was located near the Garfield area– an area that seems to be growing, but is in need of a few more restaurants that are open in the evening.  Jean-Robert’s Table is using the Buddakhan space with apparently few changes, to allow him to focus on the food (and open quickly– Dec 1 is his target date).  With the prices quoted (an average check of $30?), this seems like a great move in a down economy– a good price point.  I’ll be interested in seeing his interpretations of French bistro classics (sounds a bit like JeanRo, but with a lower price point) and to see how this restaurant affects the area surrounding it– with some luck, it will encourage more places to stay open later in the area.