A wrench in the plans: issues with Jean-Robert’s new restaurant

The Business Courier is reporting that Jean-Robert’s Table, set to open the first of December, will violate his non-compete, which is set to expire a year after their partnership ends.

I’m not a lawyer, and won’t even try to think about the non-compete.  Aren’t non-competes historically hard to enforce? Inquiring minds…

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  • Non competes are indeed hard to enforce, it usually comes down to whether the non-compete is narrowly scoped (geography, type of employment, etc). In the end, it really just boils down to who has the most money for lawyers… Unfortunately, money is something the Wade’s have a lot of.
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  • In broadcasting, non-competes are the norm, yet there’s always been the issue of whether they are even legal. I knew a news director in Terre Haute that had a lawyer who was willing to work pro bono so they could test the legality. But the previous employer ended up waiving the non-compete so it became a moot point. I’ve always wondered about the legality of non-competes since then.
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  • Martin Wade must want to be the most hated man in the Greater Cincinnati area. It’s time for a formal boycott of Wade’s restaurants. BOYCOTT WADE!! And incidentally, Hamilton County courts typically will not enforce non-competes, particularly when the agreement deprives a person of making a livelihood at their trade.

  • The news anchor for one of the tv stations had a non-compete and waited like 8 months to switch. Ohio is however typically one of the hardest states on non-compete clauses…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • This is really disturbing on a lot of levels, just when I thought we were moving on. Personally, myself, and I think a lot of other people, want to like where they have gone recently with Chalk and Local 127. They alienated a lot of diners with the way they treated JR (real or perceived) and they need to move on.

  • Marty is a coward. He knows that JR’s new restaurant will spell the end for Jeanro, Lavamatic and maybe Local 127 as well. He’s trying to bully JR. I think that he’ll find that our loveable Frenchman won’t back down this time. There is more than one lawyer willing to help JR in exchange for meals!

  • So hasn’t it been almost a year??? Would it be worth throwing money at attorneys to delay the opening of JR’s restaurant? They need to let it go. Concentrate on making your product better instead of messing with someone else. Karma happens.

  • JR is a terrible businessman although a very good chef. In business, it is best to read your contracts. If he can’t look at his own, he won’t be reading the lease, the purchase orders, the loan docs, the permits from the City, etc, etc. He plays the celebrity victim well. Or, you all play it for him. Jeesh!

    • JR most likely partnered with Wade thinking that he would bring the business component to the equation. Instead it seems that Wade took advantage of JR’s flaws; who ssaid JR was a victim? Business always recognizes the disparity between parties to a venture. Would you have everyone be a business person- a lawyer and cook? It does not work that way; good business, especially the restaurant business, happens when people of diverse talents come together. Wade wants to take credit for something he was never good at, and JR was most likely never put in a position where he could develop as a business person.. his name brought the dollars and Wade, the consumate business person that he clearly is not, seems to have wasted all that good will. Jeesh is right! what a waste of money.

  • Well, a waste of money may be the correct statement. Lets see, maybe the reverse logic is that JR wants to take credit for something he was never good at (business) and Wade was never put in a position where he could develop as a creative person? Then, JR would have had to stand on his own and never be helped to “develop as a business person.” In the hotel/motel industry, this is not a charity or bailout business.

    I welcome all old and new restaurants in the Queen City and hope they survive. Breaking even and/or making a profit, and hopefully, even having a great meal, are all critical. Time will tell with JR, but those of us in the hotel/motel business world have an office pool on how long till he is so in the red, he will go back to a regular and steady paycheck of the university system, with deep pockets.

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