New Commenting and Disclosure Policies

Well, that was an eventful 24 hours or so.

Because of all of the comments I got on Local 127, some of them really engaging, and others… well, not so engaging… comments, I’ve now got a commenting policy.  Until now, I have let all comments go through.  They will continue to be unmoderated– that is, they’ll appear on the site instantly– but I do reserve the right to edit or delete them at my discretion if I find them to be hurtful, inflammatory, misogynistic, or just plain rude.

Basically, I want this to be a fun place for both me and for the folks who read this. I don’t want to have to dread reading my comments because they’re calling me, my readers, or Cincinnatians mean names. That’s not discourse, that’s disrespectful. Disagree with me all you want– that’s fantastic.  Be critical– also great.  Just be an adult about it.  I want this place to be a forum where people can really talk about the dining community in Cincinnati (or wherever else I travel, but Cincinnati is my focus) in a constructive way.

That said, in the top “toolbar” of the blog, you’ll see another tab: “Commenting and Disclosures”.  This contains my commenting policy and disclosures on things like product reviews, how I do my reviews, and any relationships I may have.  I couldn’t be any more transparent if I were plastic wrap.

Thank you all for being along on this blogosphere ride– it’s fun, and I love it.  I will continue to attempt to keep my finger on the pulse of Cincinnati dining– and hope you’ll come along.

7 thoughts on “New Commenting and Disclosure Policies”

  • I second Thadd’s comment! It’s infortunate that there are some very petty and vindictive folks in the web, and for some reason Cincinnati seems to have more than our fair share of these trolls.

    Keep up the great work Julie!!

  • Julie, I love your blog and will continue reading. I thought some of the comments on that thread were way out of line, disrespectful, and crass. Disagreeing is one thing; being a completely insulting and rude jerk is quite another. I think you handled this all directly and professionally–something I have come to expect from you on this blog.

    Keep up the great work! There are many, many of us who really enjoy your blog!
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Tarot Tuesday 9-22-09 =-.

  • You have always done fantastic work… don’t let the -same- cooridinated bunch of yaps from the Wade group get you down.

  • It is sad that because the restaurant community is such a small one people brought their personal issues into what is supposed to be a place where the food scene in Cincinnati is being celebrated. Whether you agree with Julie’s opinions in reviewing is beside the point. The simple fact is whether or not Julie’s first impressions of Local 127 were postive or negative is is painfully obvious throughout all of her blogging that she clearly wishes to see the local restaurant scene as successful. It behooves all of us, those in the business or those who we serve, to look at every new place as an opportunity to bring good food to the community. Being competetive is one thing, but the extreme hatred is caustic. Thanks for your hard work Julie!

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