Greater Cincinnati Restaurant Week, September 14-19

Finally, I’m in town during Restaurant Week. To be honest, though, I don’t usually partake– I’m not into crowds, and have had some bad experiences in the past (at restaurants that are, unsurprisingly, no longer with us). Compared to other restaurant weeks (such as Miami’s Miami Spice), the menus are severely limited. However, if you’re interested, the list and menus are on the Greater Cincinnati Independents website. You can get a 3-course meal for $26.09 or some restaurants offer 2 meals for $26.09. A lot of the downtown restaurants that participated in Downtown Restaurant Week (which I suppose is why they’re calling this the original Restaurant Week) aren’t participating, I’ve noticed, but many of them aren’t members of GCI.

My picks:

Mesh (the chicken saltimbocca sounds divine)
Primavista (venture over to the West Side, it won’t kill you, and the view is gorgeous and the bread pudding truly is swoonworthy)
The Summit (the food is excellent, and you’re supporting the chefs of tomorrow; plus I’m curious as to the grilled caesar salad…)
York Street Cafe (they highlight their appetizers, which are one of their specialties, which is great. Their homemade desserts are fantastic.)

I really wish the Dilly Deli had their menu up, as they always do some interesting things and would probably have interesting beer pairings.  It looks like Hugo’s menu isn’t only in the bar this year– that’s a big improvement.  Daveed lists a lobster bisque as vegetarian friendly (I hope they have a true vegetarian option– last I checked, lobster was an animal) but the tapas special on Friday night is a steal.

Where are you heading for Restaurant Week?  Are you participating?