Blue Elephant to open in Oakley

From the Enquirer:

Two restaurateurs from San Jose will soon bring a taste of Thai food from the West Coast to the Queen City.

Saowanit and Somsak Wongtouwan plan to open the Blue Elephant, a Thai bistro and sushi restaurant in January along Wasson Road in Oakley.

Am I missing something?  Don’t we already have a ton of Thai food in the Cincinnati area already?  In that immediate area, Green Papaya, Bangkok Bistro, Lemongrass, Wild Ginger, Ruthai… I’ve got to be missing a few.  I can’t keep track.  I wonder why the brothers made the choice to expand from San Jose to Cincinnati, and to an area that is already saturated with Thai food?  The article notes that they have a cousin here who owns Ban Thai in Eastgate, but it still seems like a curious choice.