Tonight’s Bootsy’s special: $100 at the Precinct

This one is a phenomenal deal– basically, it covers two for dinner; the drinks are on you. And, as you know, I voted the Precinct my favorite steakhouse in town. Check it out– summer’s almost over, so I’m guessing the promotion will end soon as well.

The deal: Spend $25, dine-in only, receive $100 coupon towards your next trip to the Precinct.  The coupon expires November 30th.

8 thoughts on “Tonight’s Bootsy’s special: $100 at the Precinct”

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  • You give no details. Does a certain amount of money have to be spent at Bootsy’s to get the $100 towards a future dinner at The Precinct?

    • I’m trying to help “Matt” so let me see if I get this….I spend $100 at Buddy’s …. carry out only…. and get a free parking space for ten minutes while I dine in? Is this for food or just drinks? Does the food have to be eaten or can it just be observed? So confusing….

  • Hey …… says in the article…spend 25 dollars at Bootsy’s “dine in only”…get $100 dollar credit at The Precinct the next time you go…didn’t you read it?

  • FYI: We went to Bootsy’s last week for the $100 credit at C&J, spent just over a hundred dollars between 3 people and they gave us $400 in credits. I thought it was per person, but we were pleasantly surprised to get an extra hundred! (and yeah, “pleasantly surprised” is downplaying it a bit – I nearly cackled with excitement).

    Bootsy’s is excellent and we’ll definitely still stop by there even when the promo is over. Try the exceptional creme brulee – just a touch of cinnamon makes it stand out from the original.
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  • Is there a list somewhere that gives the dates more in advance? I feel that everytime I hear about the $100.00 giveaway it’s the following day…

  • We went last night (august 19th) and it was spend 25.00 and get 50.00. The gc said Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse on the front, but not one said it had to be used there.

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