Mini-Review: Dojo Gelato Porkopolis

I know Dojo Gelato has different flavors every day.  It just means you’ll have to go to Findlay Market more often to make sure you catch this one.

Though Jeff is the king of all things pork, I like my pork too.  So I trot up to the Dojo Gelato stand at Findlay– it’s the newest big deal eatery on Twitter these days– and examine their flavors selection.  That day, they had French Caramel, Amarena Cherry (a favorite, which I have in common with Liz, that I’ve had in Europe and die a bit over), a few others and “Porkopolis”.

Porkopolis. This HAS to be good.

“So what’s in Porkopolis?” I ask, casually.

“Maple gelato and bits of candied bacon from Kroeger & Sons.  Would you like to try it?” the lovely young woman behind the counter replied, far too perkily for 8 AM on a Saturday morning.

Of course I wanted to try it.

That little spoon was just a bit of heaven.  The maple flavor was strong and sweet, but not artificially so.  The tiny bits of candied bacon had almost a nutty texture, a bit of sweetness, and some smoke for interest.  It was well balanced and surprisingly addictive.

Of course, I took home a pint. I’m not sure if there’s any left, though.  Terry took a shine to it as well.  Want to know what flavors are being featured each week?  Check their blog. I think I’ll take home some Churro and Amarena this Saturday.

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