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Cincinnati EATS: Sung Korean Bistro

I haven’t been to Sung in a long time— though I adore dolsot bibimbap and bulgogi, when I’m dining downtown, I rarely think to go there. I hope to remedy that next week with Cincinnati EATS’ family-style dinner at Sung Korean.

From Stepfanie at Cincinnati EATS:

Enjoying food is better with friends. And we’re heightening that experience this time. We hope you learned how to share!

Please join Cincinnati E.A.T.S. for our Summer 2009 event Wednesday, August 26, at Sung Korean Bistro in downtown Cincinnati for cocktails, socializing, and great food – all for a great cause.

Less than two years old, Sung Korean Bistro has brought traditional family style Korean food to Cincinnati in a modern, upscale environment. Born in Seoul, Chef Sung J. Oh immigrated to the United States in 1994. After studying Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati, he opened Riverside Korean Bistro with his sister in Covington in 1998. Riverside soon achieved recognition as one of Cincinnati’s top 25 restaurants. At that time, Chef Oh decided that he wanted to bring a different dining ambiance to his native food. In October 2007, he opened Sung Korean Bistro, combining a modern upscale environment, traditional Korean cuisine, and tableside service. Sung Korean Bistro has also started garnering attention for its late night atmosphere replete with DJ. For more information, see www.sungkoreanbistro.com

Similar format, different location: You pay a discounted flat fee (that includes tax and tip) in advance for your meal. There are no table reservations and everyone eats together at the same time. It’s a party with great food!

Drinks at 7 p.m. Come mingle while the DJ spins. Guests will then be seated in two shifts for dinner. The first half of the room (including the traditional area where patrons sit on the floor) will be seated at 8 p.m. and the second will be seated at 8:15 p.m. You do not need to pick a particular time when you register. IMPORTANT DETAIL. Sung will serve a traditional Korean meal, in the traditional style: shared dishes. Food will be served on large platters for the entire table to share. You only need to let us know whether you are a vegetarian. See the menu attached to this email. You’ll have an appetizer and three main dishes to share, plus six traditional side dishes, called banchan. Of course, kimchi (the traditional Korean pickled cabbage side dish) will be included.

If you’re unfamiliar with Korean food, you’re in for a treat. Korean cuisine uses a variety of vegetables and relies heavily on chili peppers, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil for flavor. Most of the dishes are spicy, so be prepared! Don’t worry—all of the main dishes can be served “mild.” (One of our organizers, Stepfanie, lived in Korea for a year and will be happy to answer any questions before or during the meal.)

To register, please visit www.cincinnatieats.com and purchase your ticket via Paypal. Tickets are $40.00. Because food will be served family style and there will not be individual plates this time, you only need to let us know whether you require a vegetarian plate or have any food allergies. On the night of the event, just bring your receipt with you. Drinks will be handled individually at the event.

The evening will benefit Cincinnati COOKS!, a free, 10-week program of the Freestore Foodbank that prepares low-income, at-risk adults for employment in the food service industry.

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