Aqua now Ichiban

A little birdette told me she noticed, as she was driving by Aqua, that Aqua is now orange and called Ichiban. Apparently they also had all of their furniture in a dumpster, so I guess they’re redecorating. They’re up on OpenTable and described as Japanese Cuisine.

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  • I’ve been to the Minneapolis location, and it’s teppanyaki & sushi. Kind of “entertainment” dining, if you like that sort of thing (it’s fun for a bit, but I’d usually rather go to a nice sushi bar), but the restaurant itself is beautiful. There are currently only 3 locations, and AFAIK they’re each a little different according to the local market. So it’s not quite chain dining, and the concept is more understated than some of the teppanyaki places I’ve seen.

      • Generally that’s what Ichiban kind of is. Like I said, each of the 3 current places are a little different. Ichiban is a pretty famous name so I can’t really see them being allowed to use the name if they’re not somehow associated w/ it.

  • Well, that’s kind of strange. Seems like there was recently an item in the Enquirer about a new menu or something at Aqua. No mention of a takeover by a chain, even a mini-chain. Oh well, we never made it over there very often, and when in that ‘hood I want to eat at Nectar anyhow.
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  • Well, maybe someone can call them to find out? Weird, considering they just got a new gm…

    Btw, “Ichiban” simply means “number one” in Japanese. It’s an extremely common name, possessing all sorts of branding applications, from food to motor oil. It would be very difficult to trademark a name like this so I doubt they would really have a lot of issues from this quasi chain that was mentioned.

    That said, it’s a lame name without a lot of imagination to it. Really, it doesn’t say anything interesting, about the product, other than the fact that the owners are claiming theirs is a quality product. Too bad, as I liked Aqua for the most part…

  • Wasn’t Ichiban the name of the “lipstick for men” that Joey did an ad for on Friends? I believe it was… lol Looking forward to checking out the new place though!

  • Weird funky smell as we walked in. No one in the dining room but us. Almost left but that would have been awkward. Once we got used to the smell (old fish and paint) the food we ordered was fairly good. One other couple then appeared. How long will this restaurant be open?

  • I know Aqua still exists in Minneapolis (but is more like a night club). Also, Ichiban in Minneapolis is one of 3 restaurants, there is a Palm Springs, California location and also one in Winnipeg. The food is absolutely delicious and their special sauce is to die for! It is one of the best Japanese steak houses I have been to!

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